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Last Updated 06/02/20

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SBR Forum Raises $2,480 for Angelman Syndrome Research

Sportsbook Review thanks all 124 charity poker tournament participants who played in last night’s International Angelman Day tournament. A total of $2,480 was raised for the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics (FAST). View payment receipt. Angelman syndrome (AS) is a rare disorder which presently has no cure.

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Congrats NCAA Bowl Contest Winners: $10,000 to Top 3

Sportsbook Review congratulates the winners in the NCAA Bowl handicapping contest at SBR Forum. $10,000 was split across the top 3 winners, with $500 reserved for last place. Places 4 through 7 split 125,000 betpoints which can be used to make redemptions from the SBR loyalty points store.

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JoeyBagels Captures Lead in $10,500 NCAA Bowl Contest

There’s a new sheriff in town in the $10,500 NCAA Bowl Contest at SBR Forum. JoeyBagels has temporarily dethroned Igor_1965 with his score of 17 units in this year’s bowl handicapping contest. It is still anybody’s game though when taking a peak at the total possible units scoreboard; Joey can finish with as many as 24, which is less than other contestants gunning for his spot.

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NCAA Bowl Contest 2016 Standings: $10,500 Total Prize-pool

Igor_1965 is holding on for dear life in the 2016 NCAA Bowl Contest being held at SBR Forum. There is $10,000 hanging in the balance plus $500 for last place in this year’s installment of the exclusive contest. SBR Forum member JoeyBagels is just one point shy of Igor_1965’s score in the bowl contest.

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Day One Standings in $10,500 NCAA Bowl Contest

After one day of bowl action, SBR Forum members Spacefrog and sportsfun’s team entry lead the pack in the $10,500 NCAA Bowls Contest. The duo have a perfect card after one day with six units and a total possible point score of 34, though it is anybody’s ball game in what is typically a contest that comes down to the wire.

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SBR Forum NCAA Bowl Contest: Field of 80 is Set

The field is set in the $10,500 NCAA Bowl Contest. 80 SBR Forum posters are competing for the prizes and the glory in one of the most exclusive contests on the web. There is still time to join the NCAA Bowl Contest showdown which gives away 15,000 points to the top 20 contestants. The contest opens on December 17.

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Congrats to SBR Forum's Top 100 Poker Players

Sportsbook Review congratulates the top 100 SBR Forum poker players who have advanced to Saturday’s championship event. The top 100 qualified by earning the most points in daily tournament play from May 2 to August 17. The members will now play in Saturday’s championship event for a 125,000 betpoints payout.

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NCAA Bracket Contest Standings ahead of tonight's final

SBR Forum poster convick has mathematically locked up the first place prize in the NCAA Bracket Contest with 187 current points; convick has a predicted champion of Villanova. However, the rest of the top 10 is subject to change with the balance of the contest riding on tonight’s NCAA men’s national championship between Villanova (2) and North Carolina (1).

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NCAA Bracket Contest Leader Change: convick #1

There is a new leader of the free NCAA Bracket Contest at the Sportsbook Review posting forum: member ‘convick’ is presently locked in first place with 155 current points and 220 possible points. Convick has surpassed blankoblanco who held onto the leader for much of the previous week. Convick’s predicted champion is Villanova.

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NCAA Bracket Contest Standings: Elite Eight Round

Eight teams remain in the hunt for the 2016 NCAA basketball national championship title. SBR Forum member blankoblanco leads the way with 133 current points and a predicted champion of Kansas still alive and well. SBR’s own Peter Loshak and Mike Brenner have underperformed, which means hundreds of users will cash in with the 100 betpoint special.

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