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parlaymakers Review

Last Updated 08/21/20
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This sportsbook is also offline

parlaymakers News

Dimeline Sportsbook Hasn't Posted Odds in Over 2 Weeks

Update 4/12/2017: Dimeline’s odds are now back on the board.

Online sportsbook Dimeline has not posted new odds in over two weeks, meaning players have been unable to wager on anything outside of Dimeline’s casino or poker network. Dimeline has told SBR that they are working to restore betting lines for players to wager on but are dealing with a software issue that has prevented them from posting new lines.

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Player seeks information on Dimeline Sportsbook

A Sportsbook Review reader has written in via email requesting information on the BTG Gloval NV family of online sportsbooks. The BTG Gobal group, incorporated in Curacao, is most known for their brand Dimeline Sports (previously operated under Safari Casino Group), and maintains a lower rating for their past handling of player complaints. | Dimeline update

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Dimeline Sportsbook not paying users

A Dimeline Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) player owed $1,100 since June 8 has still yet to be paid. Dimeline has provided no updates on the player’s payout status, nor updates on a player owed $2,400 since February 1. Dimeline has admitted intentionally slow-paying the second player and has since discontinued all communication with SBR.

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Dimeline Sportsbook slow-pay: $1,100 since early June

A Dimeline Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) player has reported being owed $1,100 since June 8th. Dimeline has provided no firm updates on his payment status. Interestingly, the player has reported that despite making his transaction using plastic, he was not asked to submit documentation. SBR is following up on the sportsbook complaint. Read More

Dimeline Sportsbook payout issues

Update 2:25PM ET: Dimeline claims the manager who offered a player $500 to “settle the account” incorrectly stated their desire to offer a partial payout. The second player was alleged to have approached the sportsbook asking for a lump sum payment, which led to a settlement offer. Dimeline Sportsbook has offered two players settlements for less than what they are owed.

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Dimeline player bailed out of Parlaymakers reports payment

On 21 March 2011, SBR reported that Dimeline Sportsbook (SBR rating C) agreed to credit up to $1,000 to players that were stiffed by fallen book Parlaymakers (SBR rating F).

One such player has reported payment. The player was credited $1,000 with a 10X rollover requirement. The player took his time and methodically met his rollover, cashing out for $1,000+ this month. He documented his good fortune last night on SBR Forum, thanking Dimeline for giving him the opportunity to recover some of his funds. The player noted that he decided to leave some cash in the sportsbook to continue to play.

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Dimeline Sportsbook player hopeful that bailout leads to cash withdrawal

On March 21st, 2011, Sportsbook Review reported that Dimeline Sportsbook agreed to bailout players stiffed by scam bookie Parlaymakers (SBR rating F). Dimeline credited $5,600 to players with a standard 10X rollover as a good faith gesture. Dimeline management tells SBR that one player is close to meeting his rollover. | Dimeline Sportsbook history

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Sportsbook News: Parlaymakers players bailed out by Dimeline

Dimeline Sportsbook (SBR rating D+) has agreed to credit up to $1,000 to Parlaymakers players that were stiffed after the scam sportsbook went off-line last month.

Parlaymakers players who accept the offer must complete a 10X rollover. Dimeline management tells SBR they are making the offer as a good faith gesture.

SBR can confirm that two players were credited by Dimeline today.

Parlaymakers added to Scam Sportsbook list
On February 28th, Parlaymakers was downgraded to F and added to the SBR sportsbook blacklist, after going offline without making arrangements to pay their players. SBR received eight sportsbook complaints from players owed a total of $16,787.

Parlaymaker’s manager “Max” has been unreachable since the website closure, and likely intends to open a new scam sportsbook shop.

Scam sportsbook Parlaymakers still off-line

Parlaymakers (SBR rating F) is the latest sportsbook to collapse without paying their players. The scam sportsbook was downgraded to F by SBR on February 28th after going off-line. Parlaymakers did not provide notice to players that the domain would be taken down, and ceased replying to both players and SBR shortly after the loss of their biggest processor, Gold-Pay.

The niche sportsbook had an unusual business model that allowed players to place teasers and parlays at prices offered by Matchbook (SBR rating B-). On February 20th, SBR published a report advising players to request their funds after communication brokedown from the sportsbook. Parlaymakers “Max” relied on word of mouth to bring in business for the small sportsbook, initially paying players and spamming forums to promote the brand. All future ventures started by Parlaymakers Max and associates will be added to SBR’s scam sportsbook blacklist.

Parlaymakers players are asked to submit their details via sportsbook complaint form to SBR. While players are unlikely to be paid in the short-term, SBR has assisted some players in receiving payment from scam betting sites that experienced success after rebranding, one such case occurred when Bet33 (SBR rating D-) paid a player who had been stiffed $5,000 following Apex Sportsbook‘s (SBR rating F) collapse five years prior. | Parlaymakers scam discussion

Parlaymakers scam; sportsbook off-line

Parlaymakers (SBR rating F) is off-line. Parlaymakers did not provide notice to players that the sportsbook would be taken off-line, and has not responded to the latest round of sportsbook complaints submitted to SBR. Parlaymakers players reported to SBR that their logins stopped working prior to the domain being taken down. Parlaymakers has not provided comment to SBR, and has been added to the SBR Sportsbook Blacklist at the rating of F. | Parlaymakers report

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