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oceansbet Review

Last Updated 08/21/20
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This sportsbook is also offline

oceansbet News

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

SportsbookUSA (SBR rating D-) and multiple sister Futurebet sportsbooks exit SBR’s Blacklist. Although the company’s withdrawals are severely delayed, an F rating is no longer justified. Management tells SBR that SportsbookUSA will pick up the tab for other Futurebet sites that can not meet their obligation as was the case with Oceansbet (SBR rating F-). It should be noted that all Futurebet books are requiring at least two weeks to process Neteller payouts.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Players can add Champsportsbook (not rated) to the list of slow-paying Futurebet gaming sites to avoid. Management tells SBR that all Futurebet sportsbooks are at least 30 days behind in Neteller withdrawals. Oceansbet (SBR rating F-), another Futurebet serviced operation, is on the verge of collapse. Customer service has told players that this book has not transferred the needed funds to accounting and therefore Oceansbet withdrawals will not be processed at this time.

SBR recommends players avoid sportsbooks serviced by a third party that is not willing to stand for client funds. Players should always have the opportunity to speak with an actual sportsbook manager. If a request to speak with management is answered with “I’m sorry, we only provide customer support for …” the bettor would be best served if they moved on to a different book.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

New Futurebet sportsbook Oceansbet (SBR rating F) slow-paying player.
“Boy, was I stupid. I didn’t know sites like yours existed and I blindly picked an online sportsbook and made a deposit. I slowly built my account balance up to a reasonable amount and requested a payout…. I am getting the run around big time from a loser outfit. “Player support” says that OceansBet has to workout how it is going to pay out its accounts and there is no indication that Oceansbet is going under… Yea right! They don’t go under, just keep taking money IN and paying none OUT. I have learned a valuable lesson and am glad I don’t go in for heavy action, but I will use your valuable information to deal only with reputable sportsbooks and keep abreast of any changes in a sportsbooks status.
The end of the NFL season is the most dangerous time of year for players with unproven sportsbooks. Some companies like Futurebet mass produce gambling websites causing bettors to be unaware they are sending their funds to a disreputable operation with a history of payout problems. SBR recommends players stay with sportsbooks rated B+ or higher and do proper research before making their Super Bowl wagers.
oceansbet Review
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