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nojuice sports Review

Last Updated 08/21/20
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This sportsbook is also offline

nojuice sports News

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

NoJuice Sports (SBR rating F-) vacates office.
The sportsbook’s website has been off-line since Sunday. Players who have been owed for months have feared the worst. SBR has returned to the sportsbook’s location in Oficentro La Sabana and has confirmed that the sportsbook has literally closed its doors. Neighbors tell SBR that NoJuice packed up the few pieces of equipment it had “a few days ago.” It is likely financial processors have finally stopped servicing the scam, eliminating the potential for the book to steal from others.

Scam alert

Insolvent NoJuice Sports (SBR rating F) still accepting deposits and booking wagers.
The sportsbook says it will need one of its “investors” to provide additional funding in order to send players’ their balances yet they continues to take in new deposits. Some NoJuice users have been waiting over three weeks for withdrawals.

NoJuice Sports (SBR rating D-) "hoping for infusion of cash"

NoJuice tells SBR that the sportsbook is still waiting for $40,000 to arrive by wire to Neteller but admits that they will require an “infusion of cash” from partners to process further payouts. When SBR inquired about the sporadic partial payments sent out this week, we were told that “people are still depositing and as soon as that money comes in, it goes right back out.”

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

NoJuice Sports (SBR rating D) blaming payout delays on three lost bank wires, totaling $40,000. Management states that bank checks and bank wires are offered; however normal processing may require an additional week. Customer service tells SBR that other instant-transfer methods such as Moneybookers and InstaDebit are only available for deposits citing a “new processing system“. NoJuice has been downgraded from D+ to D.

SBR expects a rise in payout complaints this week after Neteller informed Costa Rica bookmakers that they would no longer accept emergency/instant account-to-account tranfers through Costa Rican banks.  All merchant deposits must be sent to Neteller’s bank account in the United Kingdom via standard wire. This change may affect the liquidity of small sportsbooks, and require multiple merchant accounts be adequately funded.
nojuice sports Review
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