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mb24 Review

Last Updated 06/18/20

This sportsbook is also offline

mb24 News

NCAAF—Breaking Down Week 8’s Biggest Saturday Movers: Why the Movement and Which Side Should You Be On?

Heavier Totals Movement Than Sides Seen on NCAA Football Week 8 Betting Board

Looking at all the significant line moves—3 points or more on Sides and 4 points or more for game Totals—in NCAA College Football Week 8, we see much fewer big line movements so far in the Sides compared with the Totals where a healthy mix of heavy action going Over or Under the number has already been seen through Thursday betting. Let’s look all of the Sides and Totals which have moved enough to talk about and offer up picks if perceived value still remains for of the Side movers for Saturday’s slate.

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Scam Alert: MB24 accepting deposits but not paying players

An MB24 Sportsbook player has filed a complaint with SBR against the online sportsbook. The player recently deposited €100 to the online sportsbooks and noticed he could not make any wagers, so the player attempted contacting the online sportsbook and received no answer to his queries. The case is outstanding.

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MB24 Sportsbook resurfaces accepting player registrations

MB24 Sportsbook (SBR rating F) is back online. The online sportsbook suspended their service as of May 31st and stopped updating their website following an e-mail heads up to webmasters. A few players subsequently complained to SBR that they had not been paid their closing balances from the online sportsbook, who abandoned their customer service posts.

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MB24 Sportsbook Downgraded to F, sinks lower on blacklist

Sportsbook Review has lowered the rating of recently closed sports betting site MB24 to F. The sportsbook homepage has remained on, fueling speculation that there may be an acquisition or change of ownership of the business. Sportsbook Review is collecting complaints from players who have not been paid their final balance from the sports betting website.

MB24 Sportsbook Player Adds his Payout Complaint to List

An MB24 Sportsbook player has written SBR concerning the suspension of service at online sports betting site The player has yet to be paid €1,300 from the sportsbook. MB24 landed itself on the scam sportsbook blacklist for their confiscation of winnings in several complaints involving sign up bonuses.

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MB24 Sportsbook Players Still in Search of Answers

MB24 Sportsbook players are still writing SBR to say that they have not been paid. MB24’s sportsbook management released an e-mail advisory to webmasters with a statement informing them that the betting site would have to close but that all players and advertisers would receive payment, however it appears that more than a handful of players have not been paid.

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MB24 Sportsbook players haven't been paid following "closure"

MB24 Sportsbook players have written in stating they have not been paid. The online sportsbook announced via e-mail that it would close as of May 31, but the website has not been taken off-line and still allows player registrations. The deposit methods tab apepars not to be functional, and most pages error out after spinning for quite a while.

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MB24 Sportsbook Set to Close End of Day

MB24 Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) is set to officially suspend their operation today. Sportsbook Review originally reported on May 11 that the betting site announced it would turn out the lights on the 31st of May. Players were urged to request payment at the time. One such player has written in to claim that he has had difficulty receiving payment of €1,300 from the sports betting website.

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MB24 Closure Date Approaches; Player asks for help receiving funds

Sportsbook Review reported on May 11 that MB24 (SBR rating D-) announced its upcoming closure. The sports betting site will cease to exist as of the 31st of this month. SBR urged players to request to be paid their balances and to write in with feedback to let SBR know how the process went. One such player has written in asking for help withdrawing his €1,300 balance.

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MB24 (Mobibet) set to close on May 31st

Blacklisted betting site MB24 (SBR rating D-) has announced that it is set to close on May 31st. The online sportsbook has claimed that all player balances will be honored. The betting site has not been without controversy during its two year operation. The brand first surfaced as Mobibet Sportsbook and racked up over two dozen player complaints.

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