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heroescasino Review

Last Updated 08/24/20
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This sportsbook is also offline

heroescasino News

HeroesCasino will remain off-line

HeroesCasino (SBR rating D-) has failed to consummate a deal with new ownership as expected. HeroesCasino will remain off-line pending a bailout from another sportsbook, or a potential new buyer.

HeroesCasino remains off-line

HeroesCasino (SBR rating D-) remains off-line. SBR has yet to make contact with interested buyer to determine how discussions with Heroes concluded

HeroesCasino off-line; attempting sale of brand

HeroesCasino (SBR rating D-) is currently off-line while ownership is attempting to sell the brand. Heroes was the subject of SBR’s February 5th report which chronicled Heroes slow-pays; thirteen players have reported being owed $78,165.19. SBR has learned that investors will be meeting in the next week with present HeroesCasino ownership to discuss the potential sale, the sportsbook is expected to be off-line until then.

HeroesCasino says new backing will mean ability to pay players

HeroesCasino (SBR rating D) owes 12 players $74,358. The earliest payment request was made on June 3rd. Heroes has not denied its financial hardship to players yet has continued to market itself and look for more customers that it cannot afford to pay. In a letter addressed to a player dated February 3rd, Heroes management alluded to a potential bailout on the horizon which would allow the troubled company to clear up thousands in player debt.


Good day, after review of your account, it appears that we will be able to directly put $200 back to your card. However the remaining 1700 requested will be on hold due to the email below. Please advise if you would like me to proceed with the CC refund.

At this time we have begun performing all due diligence with a Gaming Firm that has agreed to merge with Heroes, with this happening we will have the opportunity to settle all pending withdrawals. While the process of due diligence in which a full review of all company and client accounts is taking place all payouts will continue to be delayed until completion.
Being aware that some of you have been waiting a long time to receive your funds and hearing that you have to wait longer is probably not appealing however there is now a clear end in sight to your wait.
I would like to take this time to personally apologize for the length of time this whole process has taken, as I have stated it was never the intention of Heroes or myself to mislead you in anyway.  Due to unforeseen circumstances we found ourselves in this situation but rather than lie down and give up we continued on trying to make Heroes better and settle the payouts owed. Now with the addition of the NEW casino and our new partners we will have completed our mission.
Thank you for your extreme patience during these stressful times.

SBR will continue to monitor the situation with Heroes and the alleged upcoming merge. Players that have outstanding balances with Heroes are encouraged to submit sportsbook complaint forms.

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New Heroes slow pay reaches SBR mailbox

Another HeroesCasino (SBR rating D+) slow pay complaint has been filed. A player requested $4171 on June 3rd and has yet to receive payment. Heroes has failed to provide the player a timeline on when he should expect his funds. Heroes players have reported being owed $74,358.

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Heroes slow pay amount increases to $70,187

In the last Heroes (SBR rating D+) update, SBR reported that Heroes owed four players $19,942. Neither players nor Heroes management have confirmed payment. Since that time, new Heroes slow pay reports have been filed increasing the slow pay amount to $70,187. SBR will update this report as players confirm payment or if new complaints are filed. Players that are being slow paid by HeroesCasino are advised to file sportsbook complaints.

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Two new Heroes slowpay complaints received

Additional Heroes Sports (SBR rating D+) slowpay complaints have been received. As of July 1st Heroes owed 11 players over $60,000. These players have been paid but four new reports have surfaced totaling $19,942 in player funds owed.  When Heroes management was asked about these players and payments in general, Heroes replied that players are “in line to be paid”. Heroes also lost Moneybookers as a funding/payout method for its bettors; Moneybookers dropping Heroes as a merchant account would indicate widespread complaints from its users. SBR advises all Heroes players to discontinue wagering with this outfit until delinquent accounts have been settled.

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HeroesCasino (SBR rating C-) tells SBR they have a backlog of payout requests

HeroesCasino (SBR rating C-) tells SBR they have a backlog of payout requests. The new sportsbook states that many of their casino players requested their funds after their casino software provider ended its relationship with the sportsbook, leaving the book in search of a new casino product. The business relationship ended after a player was accused of cheating the casino by using tools to count cards. HeroesCasino blames the account verification process as reason for the delay and says that all withdrawals will be processed in the order they are received. SBR currently has five slow-pay reports. Heroes is unable to give players an estimate for when they will receive payment. SBR will monitor payout requests closely.

HeroesCasino Sportsbook agrees to pay player frozen casino winnings

HeroesCasino agrees to pay player frozen casino winnings
Heroes tells SBR they have come to a financial agreement with their casino software provider that will result in the player receiving his full balance directly from the software company, Galewind Software. Heroes and Galewind Software have also agreed to end their business relationship. The player originally requested a withdrawal on December 6th but was denied. Heroes stated that the player used software to exploit flaws in its casino software and would need to consult with third parties to verify. Heroes was unable to offer evidence of wrongdoing but concluded that card counting software was used and the winnings should not stand. Settlement offers were later discussed. SBR will update report when the player receives his check for $34,748 in winnings.

HeroesCasino (SBR rating C) vs. player

HeroesCasino (SBR rating C) vs. player
A Heroes player reported winning $34,748 playing blackjack in the casino before requesting a payout on December 6th. Heroes Casino management stated that an “extreme win/loss ratio” prompted the sportsbook to believe the player used some form of robot or assisting program to beat the casino software. Heroes states that the use of a “robot” is cheating and is currently having the play reviewed by third parties. SBR will follow the player’s dispute and report on HeroesCasino’s conclusions.

The Heroes’ rules page states that robot/auto-play is not allowed and is grounds for canceling winnings. The rule does not refer to collecting data, or using a program assisting in doing so, in an effort to find software patterns. The player discusses recording table history on pen and pad.
All Casino and Sportsbook wagers must be placed through the user interface provided by Heroes Casino on its website or through the web browser. Any wagering through other means, including the use of a “robot” player, is strictly prohibited. In the event that use of non-approved client software is detected, Heroes Casino reserves the right to invalidate all such wagers retroactively, cancel the Player’s account, or take any other appropriate counteraction. Players found using multiple browsers and/or found attempting to manipulate or ascertain information concerning the Casino software will forfeit all winnings and their accounts will be terminated.
HeroesCasino’s rules page (rule 8) also makes a vague reference to “employing a system.”
heroescasino Review
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