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GoToCasino Review

Last Updated 08/24/20
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GoToCasino News

Enterbet player owed $600 accused of "casino discrepancies"

An Enterbet Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) player has submitted a complaint. The player has claimed that the betting site has owed him $600 since June of 2014, and is now refusing payment on the grounds that there are discrepancies with his play in the casino. He has claimed that Enterbet has not provided an explanation on what the discrepancies are. | Enterbet report

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BetGoTo payment complaint reported

A BetGoTo (SBR rating D-) player has written SBR with a payment complaint. The player tells SBR that he has received some small payouts over the course of three years from the slow-pay sportsbook and casino group, but is currently waiting on approximately $2,700 since October of 2010. The player reports sending numerous emails to BetGoTo to attempt to receive an update on his withdrawal status.

On August 1st, 2009, BetGoTo entered the SBR sportsbook ratings guide under slow-pay sportsbook group GoToEntertainment, which is most known for powering GoToCasino, Enterbet, and dozens of similar brands. The group is headquartered in San Jose, Costa Rica, staying below the radar and operating off mailer lists. The family is not believed to have many current active players. GoTo briefly operated out of the BetPhoenix (SBR rating C) facility in 2010 before being ejected. During the Go-To stay, BetPhoenix paid $10,000 to delinquent accounts.

 On December 10th, 2010, a GoToEntertainment group player reported not being paid two Moneybookers withdrawals totaling $5,000. Since then, SBR has received little from GoTo group players. Those with feedback are urged to write to, or to submit a sportsbook complaint form detailing their situations. Alternatively, players may dial 1-830-255-4677 during normal business hours to speak with an SBR dispute analyst.

GoToEntertainment player reports year long slow-pay

A GoToEntertainment (SBR rating D-) player reports not being paid for over one year. The player has a balance of $18,203 and two pending Moneybookers withdrawals of $5,000. On 7/19, SBR reported that the GoToEntertainment Group, which includes Enterbet and GoToCasino, left the BetPhoenix building and platform before a takeover deal was finalized. $10,000 was paid to delinquent GoTo account holders during GoTo’s brief period in the BetPhoenix office.

GoToEntertainment moves to BetPhoenix office and wagering platform – UPDATED

Update, 9/04/2010: The GoToEntertainment Group including Enterbet and GoToCasino have been ejected from the BetPhoenix building and platform. BetPhoenix was hopeful it could provide motivation to GoTo to pay owed players and become profitable under the Phoenix umbrella. BetPhoenix paid over $10,000 to delinquent GoTo account holders during the month GoTo Entertainment was operating from the Phoenix building.

The GoToEntertainment Sportsbook Group, which includes EnterBet (SBR rating D-), GoToEntertainment (SBR rating D-) and GoToCasino (SBR rating D-) has moved into the BetPhoenix (SBR rating B+) office and onto the same wagering platform. BetPhoenix is not backing the GoTo Group but tells SBR that the arrangement is contingent on GoTo paying owed players including the 6 players who have reported not being paid to SBR.

Player 1: A GoToCasino player reports being slow-paid $250 from an April 30th payout request.
Player 2: A GoToCasino player reported being slow-paid $250 from a February 3rd withdrawal request.
Player 3: A GoToCasino player reported being slow-paid from a $6,300 withdrawal requested in June of 2009.
Player 4: A GoToCasino player reported being slow-paid $650 from a March 1st payout request.
Player 5: A GoToCasino player reported being slow-paid $2017 from a late 2009 payout request.
Player 6: An Enterbet player reports being slow-paid $1500 from a November 2009 payment request.

In a recent letter to SBR, a GoTo group manager acknowledged the slow-pay delays:


We are a couple weeks backed up on our payouts as always happens this time of year, but {name ommitted} payout will be sent next week.


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GoToCasino unable to pay even smaller winners

A GoToCasino (SBR rating D-) payment complaint has been reported. On February 3rd a player requested a withdrawal of his $250 balance; the request is still pending with no word from GoToCasino on when the payout will be processed. SBR is investigating.

GoToCasino payment complaint

A GoToCasino (SBR rating D-) player has filed a payout complaint. The player has a balance of $6,300. GoToCasino issued a partial payment of $450 in mid-June of 2009. SBR will follow up with GoToCasino.

Two GoToCasino payment complaints filed

Two players have filed GoToCasino (SBR rating D-) slowpay complaints. Player one requested $650 on March 1st and had his transaction canceled. GoToCasino informed the player that they were unable to process his payout at that time. Player two has a balance of $2017.55; the player states that after one year of calling GoToCasino numerous times a partial payment of $300 was sent via MoneyGram. The player requested for his account to be closed last week. These are not the first instances of GoToCasino stalling winners; SBR has assisted with GoTocasino player complaints since June of 2005.

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Enterbet player reports a slow pay

An Enterbet (SBR rating D-) player has filed a slow pay complaint. The player requested $1500 on November 29th, and has not received payment since. SBR will contact Enterbet to inquire as to his payment status. Enterbet is part of the GoToEntertainment family of sportsbooks, which also houses slow-pay sportsbook GoToCasino (SBR rating D-).

GotoCasino relying on deposits from football bettors to pay current balance holders?

GotoCasino (SBR rating D-) continues to stall players who request significant withdrawals. Over the last five years it was common for the sportsbook to put winning players on payment plans. GoToCasino‘s actions suggest owed bettors may receive funds from deposits from unsuspecting new football bettors.

I have stopped betting as you asked I have $4070.00  please help Pablo who says he is a manager but I know who owns GotoEntertainment told me I wont get paid till football season. First he told me I wont get paid till March Madness, then Hockey playoffs the Basketball playoffs. Its been over 20 weeks since I requested a payout.  Pablo is a con artist.

GoToCasino (SBR rating D-) player told sportsbook does not have funds to pay

GoToCasino (SBR rating D-) player told sportsbook does not have funds to pay
Player: hi, i requested my payout by way of fed ex, i requested $500 from my account and i have been told at least a dozen times by goto that they are waiting on some funds to come in befor they can send me a payout
The player requested his funds one month ago. Players owed above six figures have been told that payouts are “backed up from football season.” SBR has added sister sportsbook, LasVegasOffShore to the SBR rating guide at D-.
GoToCasino Review
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