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g2gbet Review

Last Updated 08/22/20
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This sportsbook is also offline

g2gbet News

BigNutzz enters the SBR Rating Guide at D-

BigNutzz is new sportsbook from Futurebet, which is servicing multiple no pay-sportsbooks like USDbet (SBR rating D-) and G2Gbet (SBR rating F). USDbet claims that the operator has frozen their funds and refuses to pay USD players. G2Gbet has closed with player funds. G2G owners also blamed Futurebet for not paying and have started a new venture, G2Gpoker.

USDBet claims Futurebet has frozen its funds

USDBet (SBR rating D+) ownership claims Futurebet has frozen its funds and will not process player withdrawals. SBR is seeking a response from Futurebet management. G2Gbet (SBR rating F), also a Futurebet licensee, stiffed users and closed down in August. USDbets was downgraded in December of last year after leaving World Gaming software and JEL hosting service for Futurebet.

USDbet to be downgraded

USDbet next Futurebet sportsbook to be downgraded since G2Gbet (SBR rating F) closes and stiffs players. USDbet’s owner has not responded to SBR emails and customer service, known as “PlayerSupport,” is unable to give an estimate for when players may receive their funds. Futurebet continues to deny affiliation with G2G even after SBR has presented the confirmation receipts for deposits taken by the company for

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Futurebet's G2Gbet Sportsbook stiffing users

Little hope left for G2Gbet (SBR rating F) victims
Former G2Gbet host and full service provider, Futurebet has denied that it serviced the failed sportsbook despite cached internet web pages proving otherwise. Futurebet was responsible for all services given to bettors under the webmaster domain name including software and accounting. In the past, SportsbookUSA, the Futurebet flagship sportsbook brand, has taken over account balances of failed Futurebet white labels. This does not appear to be the case with G2G. Many Futurebet employees report being laid off and others have reported not being paid their salary in over two months. Players can expect multiple downgrades of sportsbooks in the Futurebet Family. See SBR’s full list of Futurebet Sportsbooks

Sportsbook G2Gbet (SBR rating F) closes with player funds

G2Gbet (SBR rating F) closes with player funds
The Futurebet sportsbook has parked its domain leaving no messages or contact information for owed players. Two customers report having four-figure account balances in the turnkey sportsbook. SBR to contact Futurebet flagship book, SportsbookUSA (SBR rating D-) about taking over these accounts. Players with balances should contact SBR.
g2gbet Review
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