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ezbets Review

Last Updated 06/16/20

This sportsbook is also offline

ezbets News

EZbets (SBR rating D-) agrees to credit player

EZbets (SBR rating D-) management agrees to credit player for canceled winning bet on the 4th quarter of a regular season NBA basketball game. The details of the dispute were reported on SBR yesterday.

EZBets Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) cancels players winning NBA wager

EZBets (SBR rating D-) sportsbook voids $2,727 winning wager
EZbets voided a winning wager on the 4th quarter of a Denver Nuggets Basketball game. EZbets and the Group which services it, routinely offers NBA wager before each quarter. Management at EZbets says the wager was listed incorrectly, referencing the third quarter which was already completed:

The player questions what the result would have been if his wager had lost. Player:

I placed a wager on the 4th quarter Nuggets vs Trailblazers OVER 48 (Bet ID 279316418)Risking $3000 to win $2727.27. The wager was graded as NO ACTION although the line was correct and posted after the end of the 3rd quarter. They claim the line was incorrect and posted as:
I have also lost wagers on the same game 1st half, 2nd quarter and 3rd quarter. ALL were graded as losing wagers for a total of about $4000 (they claim that all these wagers was posted correctly). Although it was posted as xxxTrailblazers3Q, the line was intended to be for the 4th quarter as there is the xxx in front of Trailblazers, also the time frame indicates that this wagers was for the 4th quarter total. If it was for the third quarter, it would have said xx instead of xxx as it was on my 3rd quarter wager which said xx. These guys know exactly that this should have been graded as a winning wager,but just deny it. They are the most dishonest sportsbook ever. this happened also several times with me grading winning wagers as NO ACTION IN THE PAST claimimg that it was a past posted, specially with the wagers to win a big amount of money. Please help me with this issue as soon as you can…

NYCsportsbook, EZbets downgraded to D-

NYCsportsbook & EZbets identifed as part of Group. Both NYCsportsbook and EZbets have been downgraded from D+ to D-. Two new reports of theft were filed this week by players at books affiliated with

Scam alert on new EZ Sports sportsbooks

TheSportbook, MTL Sports Bet & College-Basketball-Lines enters the SBR Rating Guide and Blacklist rated F. These sportsbooks are new listings under no-pay scam group, EZ Sports. | EZ Sports Reports
ezbets Review
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