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executivesportsbookdr Review

Last Updated 08/22/20
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executivesportsbookdr News

SBR Scam alert on SportsbookAction24

Scam Alert: Poland-based scammers launch new deposit-only “sportsbook” SportsbookAction24. Seven days after the group’s (labeled as Cypress in the SBR rating guide) previous scam site ExecutiveSportsbookdr went off-line, players have asked about SBA24. The book is online solely to accept Western Union deposits, likely sent to Poland. The website will disappear in a matter of months with the victims’ funds.

ExecutiveSportsbookdr (SBR rating F-) closes with player’s $27,900 balance.

The book attracted depositors by working with touts who would build a relationship with the player and then recommend the deposit-only sportsbook. Bettors can expect an increase in scam attempts that utilize Western Union now that Neteller and Citadel are no longer servicing U.S. bettors. Thieves behind Executive Sportsbookdr are likely already preparing to rob bettors under a new sportsbook front.
Player: I have been scam by some con artist and their name are yosef levine.I didn’t now tell I looked on the web.They made me deposit 4,000 usd and made me send my money through western union and they receive it in poland.I wanted to email you guys so you can help me get my money back. I won about 27,900 usd dollars and I still haven’t receive it yet. They are say that is alot of money and that western union is having problems sending it.

SCAM Alert: ExecutiveSportsbookdr (SBR rating F-)

The scam was first documented operating through The con artists have opened many sportsbook sites since to perpetuate the scam. Players are brought in through tout sites and are made to feel like they are getting a special deal for large VIP players. The sportsbook then sucks the player for all it can before he or she begins asking for the funds back. The group is known to request the bettor to send Western Union transfers to Poland. Below is an email sent to the player by Executive: 

“Mr. ******* thank you very much for becoming a member of the internets premier sports wagering websites . In setting up your account your referrer Tony made an error with the minimal deposit requirements for a Platinum Plus Member. All Platinum Plus accounts need to be at the minimal deposit level of $2,500USD. We will need to receive an additional $1,500 from you and your account will be activated immediately. After we receive your additional deposit today your ATM Card and Sports pager will be shipped to you immediately and you will receive everything no later than tomorrow November 29th, 2006 via Federal Express. Thank you for your business and we apologize for the error that was made on the start-up of your account. Thank you Sir. -Chad Halloran Accounts Mgr.”

executivesportsbookdr Review
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