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europlay Review

Last Updated 08/22/20
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europlay News

Player confirms payment from scam sportsbook Europlay (SBR rating F)

Player confirms payment from scam sportsbook Europlay (SBR rating F)
The player had contacted the Austrian Embassy in April and was told the sportsbook did not exist under the company name and address listed on the website. The player recently reported receiving this email from Laura Fergusson of the UK European Consumer Centre Advisor, a consumer advocacy group working in the European Union, saying that Europlay had agreed to bank wire the player his funds. Shortly after he was paid in full. Laura implied that she was contacted by the Austrian Embassy and has located the business ID. SBR will inquire with the organizations and forward contact details to users. Victims can find the email sent to the player as well as Laura Fergusson’s contact information here.
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Nine new withdrawal complaints filed in 2008 from Europlay players

The sportsbook was downgraded to F today after the ninth Europlay victim of 2008 reported his account in delinquent status. These recent no-pay complaints total an amount owed of over $11,000. Requests date back to 2007. One player has contacted the Trade Commissioner at the Austrian Embassy. He was told the bookmaker is not listed as a registered business. It is unknown if the book has an office in Austria. SBR has confirmed the book’s server is in the country. SBR is currently requesting banking information from players in an effort to gain more information about the operation’s status.
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slow-paying player 940 Euros since June 1, 2006. The player reports initially being asked to wait 60 days for his funds. Europlay has not responded to client or SBR emails and phone calls to the book are answered by voice mail. Europlay, which is now known for paying months after withdrawal requests are made, has been downgraded from D+ to D-.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

SBR receives two new slow-pay complaints from EuroPlay(SBR rating D+) bettors. The latest player to file a complaint reports a missing balance and a lack of email response. Calls to Europlay are answered by the sportsbook’s voice mail.

Player: “I am having problems with which I hope you might be able to help with. I asked for a payout of 1550 euros in late January this year and was asked to send identification documents (passport and credit card used to deposit funds).  I did this on Jan 29th and received a reply on Feb 2nd acknowledging receipt of these and asking for bank details (bank name,IBAN and swfit code, account number and name of account holder).  I sent these off and had an email on February 12th acknowledging this information and promising transfer of the funds within 60 days. The funds had not been transferred on April 13th so I emailed asking for an update.  This email was ignored.  However my account balance is now 0 euros and has been since at least Monday.  I checked my bank balance online today and no money has been transferred.”

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

SBR has received the fourth Europlay (SBR rating D+) slow-pay complaint of 2005. The sportsbook’s phone lines appear to be unmanned, as all calls are sent to a voice mail box. The player and SBR have also sent emails that have not been returned. Player has been waiting for payment for over 75 days.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Player files slow-pay complaint against Europlay (SBR rating C). The bettor claims he has already sent in copy of his photo I.D. on two occiasions and has been promised his $2365 each week over the last month. SBR to inquire on player’s behalf.
Update 1/25/05 Europlay pays player in full. Offers no explanation for the delay.
europlay Review
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