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enterbet Review

Last Updated 11/11/20
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This sportsbook is also offline

EnterBet is now offline and blacklisted with SBR after we gave the operator a D rating. There have been disputes over payments and cases of EnterBet closing accounts with positive account balance without explanation. This was not a trustworthy site, and there are reputable alternatives on the SBR’s best sportsbooks list. The EnterBet review examines the reasoning behind the low sportsbook rating.   


EnterBet used bonuses to entice new players to open an account and deposit betting funds. For example, one welcome offer came in the form of a 50% matched deposit bonus. This offer was subject to wagering requirements and odds restrictions. The bonus appeared to be generous, but EnterBet was a scam internet site.  

The brand is part of the GoTo Entertainment Group and there is literature that suggests it was founded in 1998. Many of the bonuses were related to football, which is massive for betting offshore in the United States. The odds were attractive and enticing, but EnterBet could not be trusted.  


Top gambling sites such as BetOnline and Justbet have earned a strong SBR review by regularly paying customers out quickly and in full, while offering a variety of withdrawal methods. That is simply not the case at EnterBet. 

Customers could make deposits and withdrawals using standard user account methods, and deposits were immediate but delays in processing payments were a huge negative which explained SBR’s poor rating.  

In the early days, EnterBet put forward payment plans for big payouts. There is evidence of the operator charging customers for making enquiries about delayed payments. One case of a late payment was only settled after three years! 

Sports Betting Experience 

The focus on NFL betting was a key element of the EnterBet sports betting experience. The site featured generous spread lines which were designed to attract new customers and entice existing customers to make deposits and place bets. Customers could place wagers on matches in the NBA, MLB and NHL, and global sports like soccer, tennis, motor racing and boxing. Review information indicates that the popular markets were money line, handicaps and totals.  

EnterBet accepted related parlays and then voided any winning bets, but did not make refunds for losing bets. Related parlays include selections that are linked so the combined odds offer exceptional value. Reputable sportsbooks do not allow customers to place these bets, but EnterBet did not object or make interventions. This was another example of how EnterBet exploited customers.  

Customer Service 

There is a long history of customer disputes with EnterBet. Most complaints are related to slow payments, and there are also some customers who have had accounts closed despite holding a positive balance. Before going offline the site looked dated and there were many flaws and factual errors.  

We recommend that you avoid this type of sports betting sites and stick to the safe, trustworthy ones found on our best sportsbooks list instead. 


The range of reasons for complaints includes slow payouts, confiscated funds and the incorrect settlement of related parlays. It’s clear EnterBet deserved a poor SBR rating. You can consider other options for your sports betting but, in any case, EnterBet should remain offline. 

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Enterbet player owed $600 accused of "casino discrepancies"

An Enterbet Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) player has submitted a complaint. The player has claimed that the betting site has owed him $600 since June of 2014, and is now refusing payment on the grounds that there are discrepancies with his play in the casino. He has claimed that Enterbet has not provided an explanation on what the discrepancies are. | Enterbet report

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EnterBet sportsbook dispute update

Enterbet (SBR rating D-) management has addressed the sportsbook dispute reported by SBR on December 3rd. A player had his $4,000 balance confiscated and his account closed on the grounds that he was connected to a player  previously banned for defrauding the company. The dispute remains open and is being discussed.

EnterBet seizes $4,000 from player

An EnterBet (SBR rating D-) claims a $4,000 balance has been confiscated. The player states that after two months of waiting for a status update on a requested payout, EnterBet claimed someone linked to the player reversed a charge. EnterBet closed the player’s account and provided no other details. The player denies the charge. SBR is investigating.

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EnterBet player from SBR report paid after nearly three years

An EnterBet (SBR rating D-) player who filed an SBR complaint on December 7th, 2011 has been paid. The player detailed in his claim against EnterBet that he had been owed $2,000 for approximately two years. The player had written off his chances at ever being paid from the notorious slow-pay outfit, which caters mostly to casino players these days. SBR contacted EnterBet on the player’s behalf in December, but the case fell cold. On Monday, March 19th, 2012, an EnterBet manager contacted SBR stating that the claim had been settled. The player allegedly received an agreed upon amount, as records of his old balance were allegedly lost. SBR has contacted the player to confirm the amount paid and his acceptance of the reported deal.

EnterBet player submits withdrawal complaint

An EnterBet (SBR rating D-) player tells SBR that a $2,000 balance held at the sportsbook has been erased. The player claims that he originally requested a withdrawal approximately two years ago, and had written off his chances at ever collecting from the notorious slow/no-pay outfit. EnterBet customer support has claimed to have no knowledge of the funds. SBR is attempting to reach a member of EnterBet management.

SBR receives little feedback from GoTo Entertainment group players. In September of 2011, SBR reported that a BetGoTo (SBR rating D-) player who had received only partial payments over the course of the last three years was still owed $2,700 since October of 2011. GoTo group players with payment complaints are asked to submit a sportsbook complaint form or write to

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enterbet Review
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