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ebets Review

Last Updated 08/22/20
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ebets News

Racebets betting limit dispute update has addressed the player dispute published by SBR on November 8th. In that report, a player claimed he deposited €2,000, received a 20% bonus and was eventually limited to €1 stakes. Racebets management told SBR the player did not attempt a payout request, clarifying that his bonus would be prorated and all winnings paid as normal. Read More betting limit dispute

Update: addresses dispute. SBR considers this matter resolved.

A (unrated) player files a dispute. The player deposited €2,000 to Racebets after being emailed with a 20% deposit promotion. After receiving the bonus, he began wagering and eventually cleared through all but €1,000 of the turnover requirement. Racebets then lowered his bet size to €1.

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Sportingbet refuses to apply bonus; AGCC rubberstamps decision

A Sportingbet (SBR rating D+) player has been denied a £50 free bet promotion. The player signed up to take advantage of the “risk free” proposition, which only required that the player’s first wager be placed at odds of 1.5 or greater. After placing a losing wager on the Wolverhampton Wanderers, the player expected to see the £50 free bet. One week passed and the player decided to make an enquiry with Sportingbet. The player was told that the bonus would not be issued in accordance with a policy that allowed it to not honour its promotion at its own discretion.

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SBR Sportsbook Blog

Join the SBR lines team in the SBR Sportsbook Blog to find out all the latest happenings. From big winners and losers to games of the day and special lines. We will be keeping you posted on what is happening and what you can win. Good Luck! Read More

Pacquiao vs. Marquez: Where Manny wins it!

Previous foes look to close out the finalchapter of a storied trilogy. Read More

CentreBet cheats player in live betting wager

A CentreBet (SBR rating D+) player placed a €2,500 wager on a soccer match between Benifica and Arsenal on July 6th, 2011. The bet was recorded while Arsenal lead the match 1-0. The player’s wager was entered at exactly 19:58:54. A goal was scored at 19:59:50, approximately 56 seconds later.

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AverageJoeBets enters the SBR rating guide at F

AverageJoeBets enters the SBR rating guide at F. AverageJoe, also known as B4Bsports, is one of the many mass produced sportsbooks from scam operation, Futurebet. Futurebet will use the different brands to target bettors who don’trealize the new books are affiliated with the notorious rip-offartists. SBR will continue to search for new Futurebet-serviced sportsbooks in an effort to warn players.

Ebets enters the SBR rating guide at D-.

Ebets enters the SBR rating guide at D-. Ebets is a Costa Rica-based sportsbook that uses the (SBR rating D-) hosting and service center. Ebets is currently calling players from customer lists to offer 25% bonuses. Bettors are advised to steer clear of the group which has scammed many players over the past year. (SBR rating D-) confiscates $10,000, cites free-play bonus abuse (SBR rating D-) confiscates $10,000, cites free-play bonus abuse.
Player: Hello…..I need help with a sportsbook complaint. I had around $10,000 at 6 different sportsbooks within the group.  They said they froze my accounts for “free bet” abuse and seized all funds…..I only made $200 – $300 off of freebets over the last two years….and they took $10,000.  I can see if they wanted to take the $200-$300, but 10K?  Is there anything that can be done? is claiming the use of bonuses at multiple books is “bonus fraud” and reason to confiscate winnings. A second player has submitted a claim to SBR for $50,000 . The player was told $50,000 would not be paid because he circumvented limits on some of his wagers by using affiliated sportsbooks to place the same bets. The same player was also debited over $30,000 when scammed multiple users, stealing parlay winnings.

Player: I have always used my own name, address, email, credit cards, etc.  It was
plain who I was at all times.  I don’t see how I should be expected to keep track of which books are allowed and which aren’t, especially if that information isn’t expressed anywhere. and sister Jazette books do not have rules against using multiple brands and utilizing their promotions. It is often encouraged through the sportsbook sales departments which market each website as an independent sportsbook. states that it will adress these reports in detail.

838Bet and GoldenGooseBets taken off-line

Players should be able to access their accounts at sister book 724Sports (SBR rating C+) or may call 866-724-2387.  Also off-line this week is unrelated sportsbook ProFootballLinesAndOdds (SBR rating F). PFLAO was part of scam operation EZ Sports. One player reports being able to access his account at BetOnSportsOnline (SBR rating F).
ebets Review
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