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easystreet sports Review

Last Updated 08/22/20
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This sportsbook is also offline

easystreet sports News

EasyStreet Sports pulls the plug? Sportsbook Off-line

Scam online sportsbook Easystreet Sports (SBR rating F) has been down all day. Earlier in the morning a GoDaddy domain expired message appeared, and now a white page appears on the website. The sportsbook maintained a low rating due to scamming a big casino winner out of $46,000 from his successful Jacks or Better play.

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Sportsbook Scam Alert on Easystreet Sports ("EZStreet")

EasyStreet Sports (also known as “EZStreet”) players have reported that they are no longer being paid. The last known EZStreet payouts came during the football season of last year, when a player reported receiving two $700 payouts through Person-to-Person. EZStreet is no longer providing customer service to players via telephone or answering e-mail.

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EasyStreet Sports Payout Complaints: Will the betting site pay?

There are five outstanding EzStreet Sports (SBR rating F) payout complaints on file. The players have reported that the online sports betting website has failed to honor the payout time-frame advertised on their website, and that, coupled with the abrupt suspension of customer service via telephone, has led players to conclude that the sportsbook is in bad shape.

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BetMayor added to Scam Sportsbook Blacklist

BetMayor Sportsbook has refused to revisit their stance in the $51,000 casino winnings confiscation dispute reported earlier this week by Sportsbook Review. A manager has told SBR that it is the BetMayor position that players who are determined to be professionals will not be paid, and that this ruling is in line with their terms and conditions.

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EasyStreet slow-pay #3 hits SBR mailbox

An EasyStreet (now “EZStreet”) Sportsbook payout complaint has been filed by an unhappy player. The player has told SBR that the online sportsbook has not been responsive on live help, and that his emails are not being answered. The complaint is very similar to the recent issues raised by players and reported by Sportsbook Review. EasyStreet has refused comment on the complaints.

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EasyStreet abandons payout plan, says player

An Easystreet Sports (SBR rating D-) payout complaint has been filed. A player had his account closed in October of 2013 with a $15,000 balance. The player was told that his funds would be distributed via payment plan at $700 a week. He reported that originally the payouts came through as promised, before they came to a screeching halt. | Read the dispute

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Easystreet Sports payout complaint filed: SBR seeks feedback

An Easystreet Sports (SBR rating D) player has filed a payout complaint against the betting site with SBR. The player has received a few payouts for $600 from the sportsbook, though each request took approximately two weeks and were not processed within a day like the website advertises. Players with feedback should write to |  Easystreet complaint

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EasyStreet Sports player has payout pending

An Easystreet Sports (SBR rating D) player has filed a payout complaint. The player states that he asked to be paid by Person to Person two weeks ago and the funds have yet to be deducted from his account. The betting site advertises same-day payouts through this cashier method. The player states that he was told there are processing issues that are causing his payout, which is less than $1,000, to be delayed. Easystreet’s name became tarnished in the infamous casino confiscation case where $46,000 was taken from a player’s account who had profited from playing Jacks or Better in their online casino. Since then, Easystreet has shortened their name to “EZ Street”, seemingly to bypass the elephant like memory of search engines. EasyStreet was downgraded to D after their handling of the casino case and has not spoken with SBR on player complaints since. Players with feedback are asked to write to

7RedSports added to SBR ratings guide

7RedSports (SBR rating D) has been added to the sportsbooks rating guide.

Based in San Jose, Costa Rica, 7RedSports is run out of the EasyStreet Sports (SBR rating D) facility. The sportsbook shares wagering, CS, and IT support with EasyStreet. SBR has spoken with managers of both shops and confirmed that EasyStreet does not stand for 7RedSports players’ funds.

7Red players with feedback are asked to write to SBR.

EasyStreet targeting former BetJamaica, Greek, BetEd, VIP customers

EasyStreet (SBR rating D) is sending promo emails to players offering a 35% cash signup bonus. While the email is titled “Attention all Greek and BetJamaica Clients”, the opening lines also address former BetEd, and VIP Sports players. EasyStreet’s promo mailer states that the sportsbook has no intent of leaving the US market.

Prior to each football season, all online sportsbooks begin to pump up their marketing and bonuses in an attempt to retain or reel in customer business for the coming pigskin year. Players are advised to avoid lowly rated sportsbooks with histories of unfairly dealing with players. In addition to the already established sportsbooks, many fly-by night scam attempts are made by rogue operators in possession of industry mailing lists. While EasyStreet Sports is not designated as a blacklisted sportsbook, its poor rating is largely attributed to the theft of $46,000 from a winning casino player accused of robot play. | EasyStreet spams former sportsbook players

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easystreet sports Review
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