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cypresssportsbook Review

Last Updated 08/22/20
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cypresssportsbook News

SCAM Alert: ExecutiveSportsbookdr (SBR rating F-)

The scam was first documented operating through The con artists have opened many sportsbook sites since to perpetuate the scam. Players are brought in through tout sites and are made to feel like they are getting a special deal for large VIP players. The sportsbook then sucks the player for all it can before he or she begins asking for the funds back. The group is known to request the bettor to send Western Union transfers to Poland. Below is an email sent to the player by Executive: 

“Mr. ******* thank you very much for becoming a member of the internets premier sports wagering websites . In setting up your account your referrer Tony made an error with the minimal deposit requirements for a Platinum Plus Member. All Platinum Plus accounts need to be at the minimal deposit level of $2,500USD. We will need to receive an additional $1,500 from you and your account will be activated immediately. After we receive your additional deposit today your ATM Card and Sports pager will be shipped to you immediately and you will receive everything no later than tomorrow November 29th, 2006 via Federal Express. Thank you for your business and we apologize for the error that was made on the start-up of your account. Thank you Sir. -Chad Halloran Accounts Mgr.”

Pro-capper/Western Union Sportsbook scam hits again

The con artists, previously behind CypressSportsbook (SBR rating F-), CreditSportsbook (SBR rating F-) and LasVegasSportsbookDK (SBR rating F-), are back as SportsbookPayer (SBR rating F-). The scam follows the same course. A tout, this time from, establishes a relationship with gamblers before referring his new clients to a sportsbook. The so-called sportsbook is established for the sole purpose of facilitating the con. The tout then promises players betting credit or the ability to invest in syndicate guaranteed plays. Players are eventually asked to Western Union funds to Poland. History suggests will be off-line shortly and the handicapper phone numbers will soon be disconnected. All of the victims were asked to Western Union their funds to a Yosef Levine in Poland. View past reports on these conmen.

Western Union Sportsbook SCAM claims new victim

Poland-based con artists, previously behind CypressSportsbook (SBR rating F-) and CreditSportsbook (SBR rating F-), strike again as LasVegasSportsbookDK. The con follows the same course. A tout establishes a relationship with a gambler before referring the player to a sportsbook where he is promised a line of credit after an initial investment. The player is then asked to Western Union funds to Poland. History suggest will be off-line shortly and the handicapper phone numbers will soon be disconnected.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

CypressSportsbook scammers back in business as CreditSportsbook(SBR rating F-). The scam is initiated when a sports tout recommends the player invest in a credit line at a specific online sportsbook. The bettor is promised a large line of betting credit if he will make an initial investment. Once the player has sent money the scammers bill the player for additional “fees” and new “administrative costs” until the player has finally had enough and refuses to send additional funds. As was the case with Cypress Sportsbook, the players have sent funds via Western Union to a Yosef Levine. Recipient names also included Eva Rowinska; both were collected in Poland. Randy Levine was the recipient of a bank wire.
Players should use caution when utilizing Western Union due to its anonymous nature. Read about similar Western Union scams here.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Player reports elaborate con involving Detroit radio station tout and CypressSportsbook (not rated). The details of the scam draw many similarities to the BetCharter(SBR rating F-) SCAM of 2004. This report is still unfolding.

cypresssportsbook Review
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