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clickngamble Review

Last Updated 06/18/20

This sportsbook is also offline

clickngamble News

MVPAction added to sportsbook ratings guide

MVPAction (SBR rating D+) is a new post-up brand targeting the US market. The sportsbook operates out of San Jose, Costa Rica. MVPAction is refusing comment to SBR on details concerning their operation. SBR has verified that MVPAction is registered to Capilleira: a host for past fly-by-night operations on the sportsbook blacklist.

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ClicknGamble & Capilleira scam continues

ClicknGamble (SBR rating F), part of the same operation that hosted stiff sportsbooks: BigjuicyOdds (SBR rating F), DragonWager (SBR rating F) and BetCSL (SBR rating F), player complains of no-pay. ClicknGamble is soliciting players who were victims of Capilleira-serviced sportsbooks. A Victim of BigJuicyOdds reports being targeted by ClicknGamble.
Player: I received a call from Joey on september 8, 2008, he first wanted me to post up, then he decided to take 4 of my players plus myself and give us a 1000.00 credit and settle up each tuesday.i agreed and the first week i was +1502.00. He sent the payout on wednesday and i received it thursday. the next week i was up 4820.00 and he said theguy that was backing him (a professional tour poker player) got hit hard and did not want me nor my players action and that he had never stiffed anyone and i would receive my money and he would notifiy me when the package had been sent and give me the tracking number.  that has been about a month and one-half. i emailed him about three weeks ago and he again said he would let me know when the package had been sent. i have now emailed him several time and phoned him and he doesn’t answer nor respond to me emails.  just wanted to let you know so you can warn other players. Email address and phone numbers 1-702-425-5074 and 1-702-499-3093

JustForBettors, ClicknGamble & BetCasinoAndSports downgraded from D- to F.

JustForBettors, ClicknGamble & BetCasinoAndSports downgraded from D- to F. The sportsbooks, along with Ultimate-Odds (SBR rating F), make up the last four Capilleira sportsbooks that remain online. Ultimate-Odds and BetCasinoAndSports are expected to close to the public in the near future. Recent history suggests that if these books do close it is likely large balance holders will not receive their money.

SBR’s Sports Betting Rules Monitor: MLB Baseball Betting Rules Clarified by sportsbooks

SBR’s Sports Betting Rules Monitor: Sportsbooks react to rainout in Yankees vs. Orioles game on June 28th, 2007. For wagering purposes Baltimore was graded as a 6-4 winner despite the game being suspended in the top of the 8th due to weather with the Yankees leading 8-6. Many New York bettors requested clarification from clerks, prompting the betting sites to update and/or clarify wagering rules.
BetOnline (SBR rating B+) clarifies baseball moneyline grading
BetOnline removes irrelevant text about the game being official for grading purposes after 8.5 (if home team is winning) or 9 innings, leaving text stating moneyline baseball bets are official after 5 complete innings or 4.5 innings if the home team is winning.

BetPlatinum (SBR rating C-) removes contradicting wording to clarify that MLB games must go 4.5 (if home team is winning) or 5 innings to declare moneyline winner; removes text suggesting 9 innings of play is required for all grading.

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ClicknGamble & JustForBettors enter SBR Rating Guide at D-

ClicknGamble & JustForBettors enter the SBR Rating Guide at D-. Both books are operated by Capilleira’s turnkey service. BetCSL (SBR rating F) and DragonWager (SBR rating F) also utilized the same operation. Both have stiffed players in the past six months. DragonWager is now off-line.
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