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changeabet Review

Last Updated 08/22/20
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This sportsbook is also offline

changeabet News

SCAM Alert:

GoToSportsbetting (SBR rating F-) owner, Warner Frank Williams targets football bettors with new site Mr. Williams has been behind many pump-and-dump scams including the ChangeABet (SBR rating F-) group of books, SunsetWager (SBR rating F), GoldPalace (SBR rating F-) and more.

SBR Bill Dozer reports: Pump and Dump Scam Continues

Within the last week the ChangeABet scammers have taken their latest batch of sites, RoverSportsbook(SBR rating F-), SunsetSports(SBR rating F-) and BetWGN(SBR rating F-), off-line. Bettors who want to contact the sportsbook can try the customer service line for the group’s latest sportsbook Bet-Bank(SBR rating F-) as well as 1stLines(SBR rating F-) at 1-800-480-5127. Players who have had their funds transferred to one of these sites should attempt to redeem their balances immediately. SBR appreciates the efforts from its readers who have continuously  helped to identify sites within this network. Bettors who had researched SunsetSports, RoverSportsbook and BetWGN would not have had to look far for feedback and warnings from fellow gamblers.

Warning: New Scams Target Old Victims

One of the first things a reinvented scam sportsbook does after launching a new website is contact its old player database. SBR consistently receives no-pay complaints from players who eventually find they were stung twice by the same conmen. The most recent example of this is which is using ChangeABet’s player list to give away free cash for players to wager with. If the player is unlucky enough to win, he must transfer his funds to one of the promoted books which are all operated by ChangeABet’s former ownership. A deposit is then required. Featured books have included BetWGN(SBR rating F), RoverSportsbook(SBR rating F) and 1stLines(SBR rating F).

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

RoverSportsbook(SBR rating F-) is a new book from the owners of scam operations such as SunsetSports, BetWGN, BetCNN, BetChanger and Changeabet. RoverSportsbook banners go through former Changeabet owner Michael Franklyn’s advertising network,, and share the same IP address,, with SunsetSports.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

SBR receives first report of theft from BetWGN (SBR rating F-), which is run by former ownership of ChangeABet (SBR rating F-) and the owners of SunsetSports (SBR rating F-). The lead man now goes by Michael Franklyn and was previously using the name Peter Cole.

SCAM Alert:

SunsetSports(SBR rating F-) and BetDealers(SBR rating F-) in the hands of scammers formerly behind stiff book, ChangeABet, and currently behind BetWGN. Frank, who sometimes goes by Michael Franklin or Frank Williams, is the lead conman. He has been opening and closing books, stealing from customers for years.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Sources in Costa Rica report that former ChangeaBet(SBR rating F-) ownership is back in business operating as BetWGN(SBR rating D-). Stiffed players who would like to attempt to reach management to discuss their ChangeaBet balance can ask for Frank at 1-866-257-2472.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

ScoreOnSports (SBR rating D-) taken offline due to SBR’s 8/19 report. Management tells SBR that they were only providing a turnkey service for ScoreonSports and do not want to be associated with a brand that was previously marketed as part of the failed ChangeaBet (SBR rating F-) family. “We should have done better research.”

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Wagering department of defunct Changeabet (SBR rating F-) opens new sportsbook BetonStars (not rated). BetonStars is a sister book of ScoreonSports (SBR rating D-) which had previously introduced itself to players as part of the Changeabet family of sportsbooks.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Players left stranded by defunct sportsbook Changeabet (SBR rating F-) wait for a bailout decision from Millennium (SBR rating D+). A few players have recently learned that BetMill has adopted Changeabet’s web addresses, staff members and smaller players and are hopeful that they may also salvage something from the book’s failure. These remaining players await a decision next week.
changeabet Review
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