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canbet Review

Last Updated 06/16/20

This sportsbook is also offline

canbet News

MrRingo Sportsbook Player Requests Assistance

A MrRingo Sportsbook (SBR rating C) player has filed a payout complaint. The player asked for two payouts on May 22 for approximately €2,500. He received a standard automatic email following his payout request indicating that his payout was on the way. He is still waiting for an update, and is uneasy after having lost funds at Canbet (off-line).

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Update on betting site Wager506; possible ties to WagerWin

Update 7/6: Wager506 acknowledged purchasing WagerWin. SBR has asked the betting site to provide comment on unconfirmed reports that link BetMayor to WagerWin.

Online betting site Wager506 has the same telephone number previously advertised on the Facebook account of WagerWin Sportsbook (SBR rating F). An ex-employee of BetMayor Sportsbook as well as a third-party review website have suggested that the betting site is run by the former GM of the defunct sportsbook BetMayor.

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1Vice Players Report 10X rollovers, outstanding balances

1Vice players have reported receiving emails advising them that their accounts have been officially assumed by RDG Corp (parent company behind betting websites AmericasBookie, Bet33, and other skins) along with a 10X rollover on their balances. Three players have also confirmed receiving an email informing them their action is not welcome.

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Why some Bitcoin Sportsbooks process payouts manually

/best-sportsbooks/5dimes/Instant bitcoin withdrawals are a hot topic to SBR members. These players have asked SBR why is it that sportsbooks such as Nitrogen Sports can process bitcoin payouts instantly, while traditional online sportsbooks can take over a day to pay through bitcoin? Keep reading to find out the answer in this SBR report.

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Canbet Sportsbook Players spread word via Twitter

A stream of tweets have rolled in from Canbet Sportsbook players who remain hopeful that they will eventually be paid. The Twitter handle Canbet Vigilante has 434 followers and according to the tweets, many of these followers were stiffed their closing balances by the disgraced online sportsbook. Canbet players have reported being owed over $1.2 million.

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Dashbet Sportsbook Victim Writes SBR: Players owed $60,000

Dashbet Sportsbook remains off-line with players funds. The scam sportsbook turned out the lights without paying $60,000 to more than two dozen players who filed sportsbook complaints with SBR. A player burned for the sum of €130 wrote SBR this weekend about his outstanding balance and expressed his frustration at the situation.

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Canbet Sportsbook Player Wants Answers

A former player of Canbet Sportsbook has written Sportsbook Review and wants answers. The player is among the many who lost their bankroll when the online sports betting website suspended service in December 2013. New complaints are filed by the week as users who are realizing that their funds were lost and so many other players are in the same boat.

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Betting Sites to Avoid: Understanding the Sportsbook Blacklist

The Sportsbook Review Blacklist is a directory of sports betting websites that have a long and continued history of mistreating players. The worst of the worst, this list contains more than 350 betting sites that are categorized as outright scams or borderline scams. Tardy payouts, poor service, and confiscation of winnings should be expected by players who deposit with these betting sites. | Keep Reading

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GoBetGo website unreachable: Down for the count?

Three GoBetGo players have reported that the betting site is unreachable. The players have read negative posts concerning GoBetGo on the Sportsbook Review newswire feed as well as posts made by members in the Sportsbook & Industry section. As of 3PM Monday ET, GoBetGo Sportsbook has been off-line for nearly 12 hours. | GoBetGo complaints

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AllStarBet player owed €501 for months; registrations blocked?

An AllStarBet player has reported that he has been owed €501.33 since October 20. He has fully passed the Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure of the betting site after submitting all relevant documents. He was told that he would be paid by bank transfer in seven days, but that time-frame has come and gone. | AllStarbet complaint

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