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bookthebet Review

Last Updated 08/25/20
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This sportsbook is also offline

bookthebet News

No-Pay Sportsbook off-line

No-pay sportsbook BookTheBet (SBR rating F) has went off-line. The scam sportsbook accumulated a number of no-pay complaints which were reported to SBR in the last four years. BookTheBet was downgraded to F in June of 2006. BookTheBet made waves in late 2005 when it offered players stiffed by UWagerSports (SBR rating F) 300% ‘bailout bonuses’. BookTheBet began to accumulate slowpay complaints which later turned into no pays. The largest documented winner with BookTheBet is a player that has been owed $28,000 since July 3rd of 2006. From SBR cases alone BookTheBet’s player debt exceeds $40,000. Sister sportsbook PornSportbook (SBR rating F) is also off-line.

BookTheBet fails to pay winning player

A player using small problem sportsbook BookTheBet (SBR rating F) reported that he has been waiting for his funds for over six months. SBR has received a handful of no-pay cases each year from BookTheBet players. BookTheBet ownership also operates (SBR rating F).



I have held out from posting this but after 6 months of trying to collect my money I am out of patience.  I am owed $4927.56. BookTheBet has done nothing but lied to me, make empty promises, hang up the phone ignore me et. I have been told the check is in the mail at least 6 times. I have been told I would receive phone calls from the owner which never happens.  I was told George would fly to Florida and meet me to pay me. I even went so far as to wait for him at the restaurant which we agreed to meet. Of Course he never showed. George who is the only one who answers the phone but, claims he is not the owner has done nothing but lie and steal my money. I have been in touch with Tony Block who I believe is financing the operation and his attitude is appalling. Supposedly the business was sold and they are starting anew but the “new owner” will not pay me and just offers me some ridiculous rollover bonus but only If I post excellent reviews about his company before he grants me this rollover, which even if I won I still would never get paid. What a Joke!  I will be doing everything in my power to recover my money and I warn everyone please do not fall victim to this book. George and Book the Bet are stealing my money. I am offering a $1000 reward to whoever can collect my money for me or is the person responsible for putting this book out of business. They should not be allowed to stay in business and steal. I have all the proof necessary to back this post up. If anyone wants emails or phone logs please contact me. STAY AWAY FROM BOOKTHEBET.



BookTheBet (SBR rating F) player reports new no-pay case

BookTheBet (SBR rating F) player reports new no-pay case
Player: I have an account with The person I have been dealing with the last year is named George. The 1-800 number goes directly to his Cell Phone in Costa Rica. I have always been able to get a hold of him. I have over $6000 In my account and now for the last 14 days when I call it goes directly to his voicemail and I receive no response to my emails. The site is still operational though accepting bets.

The last BookTheBet victim reported being stiffed $7,000 in May of 2007. BookTheBet ownership operated PornSportsbook (SBR rating F) until earlier this year. The book is now off-line.

BookTheBet Sportsbook Denies Player Winnings

No-pay sportsbook, BookTheBet (SBR rating F) tells player he has not been paid because of negative comments posted about the book on the internet. The player has rolled over his funds an extra ten times but BookTheBet continues to make excuses for not paying and recently told the player he will not be paid unless he finds a way to retract the “slanderous lies.”

Player to BookThebet: Hi Tony, Your right, I have done the 10 times roll over and the exstra 10 times roll over, but you never had the intention to make me the rest of the witdraw from last year in april, therefore I must strongly warn orther players from wagering at your books. Your service and language is alarming, and underlines that your book is a no pay book. I will remember you.

BookTheBet selling player info; still can't pay customer

BookTheBet (SBR rating F) victim owed $7,000. After repeated requests for a withdrawal over the course of nearly a year, the player agreed to wager his funds ten times before making another payout request. The player continued to win and remains unable to redeem his funds.

Player: I have now been trying on year to get the rest of a withdraw from Bookthebet,”  “I december Tony send me an proposal of an new 10 times roll over, which I accpeted after some time. I have made the new 10 times roll over, but Tony will still would not make a withdraw even a small on. My question to you Bill, is there at all anything to do for me in this case, how can he have a license. If you look at below mail you can see that Tony acknowledge that he not had send me al the reuested whitdraw.”

BookTheBet (sister site of PornSportbook (SBR rating F)) has recently been quoted on casino forums attempting to sell bettors’ personal information.
Great List
Posted by: Anthony (—
Date: March 23, 2007 04:29PM

HI! I have a list of 2.5 million current gamblers. 60% are non USA and 40% USA. We are a small sportsbook and do not have the resources to market to this list the proper way. The list includes names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, balances, average bets, account numbers, deposits, and other information. I paid well over what I am asking for it. I am just trying to recover a portion of the money I spent. I am asking $7,000.00. the the complete list. Please contact me at Thanks!  (source: TheBlueLizardLounge)

BookTheBet (SBR rating F) player owed $28,000

The bettor originally requested his funds July 3rd and claims BookTheBet owner, Tony has only provided him with excuses. He states he was told that Tony was currently traveling, attempting to redeem funds owed to him by another player. The bettor tells SBR he was attracted to the site because it offered American Express as a deposit method. The no-pay sportsbook accepted the AMEX transfer under the name Business Plus Inc Hinsdale IL.

BookTheBet (SBR rating F) claims new victim

Player writes: “In the last 3 months I have been trying to make a withdraw at US 4000. I am afraid Bookthebet dont can or won’t send me the withdraw. The excuses for not making the withdraw are numerous, and it had not been able for me to get in contact with the manager since I made my first deposit. By now I have probably called/mailed the book a total of 40-50 times, always without results. Anthony the person in charge of the book and cash-outs is never available, but I was promised they/he would call or mail me. He never did. It seems Bookthebet are doing everything not to give me my money.”

No-Pay sportsbook,

BookTheBet (SBR rating F) also operating adult betting site, PornSportbook (SBR rating F). SBR has received complaints from two BTB players who have been waiting for their withdrawals for months.

BookTheBet (SBR rating D-)

player waiting two weeks for $1200 Neteller withdrawal. The sportsbook has refused to send funds by alternate banking methods and would not provide a reason for lack of payment. This marks the third slow-paid BookTheBet player to file a complaint.

BookTheBet (SBR rating D-)

player writes to SBR about attempts to cashout his funds after fulfilling his wagering requirements on a 100% bonus. Players should be leery of excessive bonuses and personalized offers that seem too good to be true.

“So, about 3 weeks ago , I called bookthebet and tried to get a cash-out.They told me that they would look at my account and get back with me. They never did, so I called them back—again and again!!!   By now Ihave probably called a total of 10-12 times, always without results. The excuses are numerous. Maybe the person in charge of cash-outs is not available, but I was promised they would call me. They never did, never, even though I was promised at least 5 times. Another time , the computers were not working, they said.Excuse after excuse!!!  Finally today, I was told that I had not completed my rollover, that it was 10 x. This is a lie. They are doing everything not to give me my money. I have about 2200 dollars in the account. I wish I had known your website before this happened. I was stupid to believe a deal like they offered me, but I didn’t know any better. Your website is very informative and taught me a lot. I will stick to highly rated books in the future.”
bookthebet Review
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