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bigjuicyodds Review

Last Updated 08/25/20
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This sportsbook is also offline

bigjuicyodds News

MVPAction added to sportsbook ratings guide

MVPAction (SBR rating D+) is a new post-up brand targeting the US market. The sportsbook operates out of San Jose, Costa Rica. MVPAction is refusing comment to SBR on details concerning their operation. SBR has verified that MVPAction is registered to Capilleira: a host for past fly-by-night operations on the sportsbook blacklist.

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BetEd sportsbook bailout watch – day 19

BetEd players funds have been up in the air since May 25th, 2011. BetEd Sportsbook had its domain seized by US authorities in connection to a federal indictment for money laundering and violating portions of the UIGEA law passed in 2006. | BetEd sportsbook bailout?

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ClicknGamble & Capilleira scam continues

ClicknGamble (SBR rating F), part of the same operation that hosted stiff sportsbooks: BigjuicyOdds (SBR rating F), DragonWager (SBR rating F) and BetCSL (SBR rating F), player complains of no-pay. ClicknGamble is soliciting players who were victims of Capilleira serviced sportsbooks. A Victim of BigJuicyOdds reports being targeted by ClicknGamble.
Player: I received a call from Joey on september 8, 2008, he first wanted me to post up, then he decided to take 4 of my players plus myself and give us a 1000.00 credit and settle up each tuesday.i agreed and the first week i was +1502.00. He sent the payout on wednesday and i received it thursday. the next week i was up 4820.00 and he said theguy that was backing him (a professional tour poker player) got hit hard and did not want me nor my players action and that he had never stiffed anyone and i would receive my money and he would notifiy me when the package had been sent and give me the tracking number.  that has been about a month and one-half. i emailed him about three weeks ago and he again said he would let me know when the package had been sent. i have now emailed him several time and phoned him and he doesn’t answer nor respond to me emails.  just wanted to let you know so you can warn other players. Email address and phone numbers 1-702-425-5074 and 1-702-499-3093

Capilleira Group sportsbooks reach SCAM status

Capilleira Group sportsbooks reach SCAM status
Operation management initially told SBR that they were not responsible for its anonymous licensees. After the closure of the first no-pay book, DragonWager, Capilleira management told SBR it would require its licensees to keep deposits on hand so not to facilitate theft. Capilleira management also told SBR that it would stand for all player balances at two of its brands, WagerDaily and Ultimate-Odds. In March a WagerDaily player reported that he was owed $23,364 and the sportsbook was off-line. The player was able to log in to his account through Ultimate-Odds where his balance was still showing as available. Capilleira management initially told the player that it would pay him in installments and take responsibility for the “book owner’s” debt.

Capilleira: I will pay you 10% of the balance starting April 1st and it will be sent by bank wire and this will be adhered to strictly.

Capilleira’s owner failed to pay as promised and has avoided the client. WagerDaily reached a peak rating of C- before the first complaint from BetCSL was received. Capilleira-hosted books such as BetCSL, DragonWager and BigJuicyOdds have stiffed players thousands.

BetCasinoAndSports, new Capilleira sportsbook, enters the SBR rating Guide at D-

BetCasinoAndSports, new Capilleira sportsbook, enters the SBR rating Guide at D-
Capilleira closed the majority of its post-up sportsbooks in March following the collapse of BigJuicyOdds (SBR rating F). Capilleira hosted the website and provided wagering and some payment processing for its webmaster client. The turnkey provider left only Ultimate-Odds (SBR rating D-) online. BetCasinoAndSports is now one of two active Capilleira books indexed in the SBR rating guide.

WagerDaily and sister Capilleira-hosted post-up sportsbooks taken off-line

WagerDaily (SBR rating D-) and sister Capilleira-hosted post-up sportsbooks taken off-line. SBR will monitor payout requests for these labels. Stiff sportsbook BigJuicyOdds (SBR rating F) was the most recent Capilleira turnkey sportsbook to close with player funds.
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BigJuicyOdds (SBR rating F) sportsbook ownership tells management "the tap has been turned off." BJO off-line.

BigJuicyOdds (SBR rating F) ownership tells management “the tap has been turned off.” BJO off-line
It appears the sportsbook’s ownership is refusing to fund the operation and player balances will be stolen. The sportsbook built good will with players after bailing out a group of SBGglobal (SBR rating D-) victims late last year and continued with overly generous offers and incentives. BigJuicyOdds poker players will likely lose over $12,000 as well. SBR will communicate with BJO management as more information is know about the situation.
Update 3:35 PM: BJO poker players previously credited through new third party poker network. Debt to players figured to be much less than amount in free money accounts credited to SBG victims.

SBR was included on and email from BJO management to ownership.
“How many times were you told and asked again and again? We kept on saying to you that you are giving away too much. You can’t give away 100k and expect to get that back in a few weeks. You went from -105 to -103 to even money then back to -103 then bailing out all these players, then onto crazy bonuses. Now you finally have players depositing, we finally convinced you to start setting some limits to bonuses etc, we were gaining the players trust that we worked our *** off to achieve and you pull the plug!!! Did you finally realize the liability of this venture? Did you finally fully understand what it is you are doing? This was asked countless times, always with a reply from you “no worries, I want BJO to be the biggest sportsbook out there.” We had to shut the site down Richard, we simply couldn’t take the chance and allow players to deposit money and not be able to pay them their winnings”

Player vs. Oddsmaker (SBR rating D-) Update


Player vs. Oddsmaker (SBR rating D-) UpdateOddsmaker originally voided almost $1000 in winnings after the player placed a $5 parlay with promotional funds. Oddsmaker rules state that parlays will not be accepted in connection with these bonus funds but do not address subsequent winning bets. Oddsmaker did state that they would be adding a statement in their rules that would inform future players that a single parlay bet may result in confiscation of other winnings from the bonus. Oddsmaker has since credited the player with $73, the amount won prior to the offending parlay wager. BigJuicyOdds (SBR rating D+) read the SBR complaint report and has given the player a $1,000 free account with a 10x rollover.


LazerWager (SBR rating D+) & BigJuicyOdds (SBR rating D+) respond to Email Response Test results

LazerWager(SBR rating D+) & BigJuicyOdds(SBR rating D+)  comment on poor Email Response Test results
BigJuicyOdds tells SBR they are investing in new hardware, will no longer use third party hosting for email, and look forward to being retested.
Lazerwager: “I then did remember that on Jan. 9th thru 10 that our prorgammers told me that our back up server was not recognizing or was filtering some emails specially the ones that were not from the email addresses saved into our data base and we happened to get the update done to the emails servers due to a problem with the emails which is why I am thinking that our customer service clerks never responded to that email. I am sorry to hear that due to this glitch in the system we were graded so badly and I hope that in the next test we will pass with an A+.”
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BigJuicyOdds (SBR rating D+) poker network, Dynamic Gaming Solutions (DGS) folds

BigJuicyOdds (SBR rating D+) poker network, Dynamic Gaming Solutions (DGS) folds
BJO states that the provider has closed with licensee and player funds. BJO also tells SBR it will be transferring all poker balances to a new network provider, Dobrosoft. The migration of accounts is expected to take three days. Players can also request a payout or a balance credit in the BigJuicyOdds sportsbook, which is separately operated. Players with other poker brands may be less fortunate. is owned by the Dynamic Gaming network and is not expected to settle accounts. G2Gpoker, a poker-only gaming site, has previously stiffed players as part of the Futurebet Gaming network.
bigjuicyodds Review
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