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BetUSA Review

Last Updated 12/28/20
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BetUSA News

SBR Members React to Slow-Pays Report

Sportsbook Review forum members have sounded off on regarding SBR’s report against (ag) and their massive $221,786 backlog of payouts to frustrated players. While some forum contributors have been sympathetic to hear of the 153 players affected and their plight, others have pointed out that the writing should have been on the wall.

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Sportsbook Rating Change: BetUSA to C-

BetUSA are among the managed websites which are taking upwards of six weeks to release payouts. The online sports betting website has long maintained a higher rating than (SBR rating D-) due to independent management and an open line of communication with SBR, though this interaction has ceased and palyers are not presently being paid. BetUSA’s rating has been adjusted to C- and faces further downgrades if payouts are not restored.

BetUSA Sportsbook Player has $6,000 Tied Up

A BetUSA Sportsbook player has filed a payout complaint. The player originally began playing with BetUSA after his previous betting site lowered his wagering limits to $50, prompting him to decide to try out a new sportsbook and he ultimately settled on BetUSA. He deposited two times for over $900. The player has a balance of over $6,000 and is concerned on the payout time-frame.

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Scam Alert: BetUSASports offers sportsbook signup bonus

BetUSASports (SBR rating F) is offering a 20% cash signup bonus. BetUSASports is operated by the same manager behind Bet911 (SBR rating F). Bet911 was downgraded to F on May 6th after its public admission that players would not be paid their balances unless the sportsbook found a buyer. Bet911 and BetUSASports both continue to operate and seek new deposits. Players are advised to avoid BetUSASports and Bet911 at all costs. | Full Sportsbook Scam report

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Scam Alert: Bet911 operating as BetUSASports

Bet911 (SBR rating F) has opened a new domain, BetUSASports, attempting to lure in depositors for football season. Bet911 was downgraded to F on May 6th by SBR after its admission that it could not pay players and that the sportsbook would search for a buyer. Even following the public acknowledgement of insolvency, Bet911 continued to update its signup bonus structure hoping to bring in new deposits. BetUSASports has been added to the SBR sportsbook blacklist at F.

Brobury Sportsbook adds SBR Feedback form to website; upgraded to B-

Brobury Sportsbook players continue to provide postive feedback since the sportsbook was last upgraded in March of this year. The sportsbook remains in good standing and along with, BetUSA (SBR rating B-), is an alternative for players that are fond of the platform but adverse to risk. BroburySports  is a medium sized sportsbook running on the platform. Brobury management has agreed to SBR arbitration and has placed the SBR sportsbook complaint form directly on their contact us page. Confidence in player feedback, which SBR will use for future evaluations, is a positive sign. Brobury is located in Costa Rica and uses World Gaming software.

BetUSA downgraded from B- to C+

BetUSA downgraded from B- to C+
The sportbsook shares some of its processing with the group, which hosts BetUSA. BetUSA management has been able to make alternate arrangements for players after checks have bounced and players complain of two month wait time. (SBR rating D-) players report over 40 bounced checks in 2009. Other players report a five month wait for funds.

SBR comments on upgrades for, BetUSA and Linesmaker

Ownership for these three books have agreed to make decisions independent of (SBR rating D-) and in a manner that is deemed to be fair to users. Each book has addressed old complaints and states that it is committed to addressing future issues. These sportsbooks offer email service that by-pass the customer service center. has allowed a long list of player complaints to build. The list includes verified reports of outright theft and cheating on individual bets. SBR will publish a detailed report of offenses once all data is gathered and discussions on remaining issues have concluded. SportsBetting and Linesmaker have been upgraded from D+ to C-, BetUSA from C- to C. Privately owned betting sites that would like to clarify their position and address pending issues should contact SBR.

Note: All books rely on the operation for its financial processing. The group was unable to pay some non-U.S. players for over five months earlier in 2007.

Jazette sportsbooks downgraded from D+ to D-

Jazette Enterprises Ltd-hosted sportsbooks downgraded from D+ to D- with exception of BetUSA (SBR rating C-) and (SBR rating D+). Sportsbooks in this group that would like to discuss their rating may call 830-255-4677 or contact SBR by email. will not take part in parlay scam (SBR rating D+) joins BetUSA (SBR rating C-) in stating that it will not confiscate winnings from correlated parlays, which was the original action taken by service provider,’s (SBR rating D+) operation management. Any players that have found their account to be debited should contact SBR or
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BetUSA Review
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