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betsportsweb Review

Last Updated 08/24/20
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This sportsbook is also offline

betsportsweb News

Jazz agrees to take over BetSportsWeb accounts, if…

The Jazz Sportsbook Group has agreed to take over defunct sportsbook BetSportsWeb (SBR rating D-) player accounts if BetSportsWeb can clear its current player debt. BetSportsWeb apparently gave up on its business with mounting debt and requires an investment in a server migration to stay in business. BetSportsWeb’s homepage has been down since July 11th. The sportsbook reportedly owes $60,000 in delinquent withdrawal requests. | BetSportsWeb forum discussion

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BetSportsWeb update

BetPhoenix (SBR rating B+) management has confirmed that BetSportsWeb will not be moving into their facility or joining their platform. BetSportsWeb (SBR rating D-) was a white label on the Blue Grass Sports platform; which will now operate out of BetPhoenix’s headquarters. SBR will update this report once BetSportsWeb completes its move into a new building.

BetSportsWeb undergoes move to BetPhoenix platform

BetSportsWeb (SBR rating D-) is currently undergoing a move to the BetPhoenix (SBR rating B+) platform. BetSportsWeb is a white label on the Blue Grass Sports platform which has moved into the BetPhoenix building meaning BetPhoenix inherently becomes their host and service provider. SBR will inquire with BetPhoenix management on how they plan to handle their new relationship with slow-pay post-up sportsbook BetSportsWeb.

BetSportsWeb tells player he can request $300 a week

BetSportsWeb (SBR rating D-) tells a player he can request only $300/week. A player with a balance of $1177 was denied a payout request for $1,000, despite that being advertised as the maximum withdrawal per calendar week on the BetSportsWeb site. BetSportsWeb instead told the player he could receive payment in the amount of $300 per week. His first payout was sent as promised. However, three weeks have passed since he was to receive an additional $300 payment, and BetSportsWeb have provided no follow-up information when the player has called to inquire. BetSportsWeb has a history of stalling payouts and limiting players to nominal withdrawal amounts, then discontinuing its payout plan randomly if players no longer give the sportsbook action. SBR is following up on the complaint.

BetSportsWeb fails to follow through with payment plan

A BetSportsWeb (SBR rating D-) payout complaint has been received. BetSportsWeb made partial payments to a player beginning in January of 2010 after closing his account. The player last received $1400 in April, and is still owed $1,060. BetSportsWeb initially promised to make weekly installments toward the player’s balance. This is not the first reported instance of BetSportsWeb failing to honor its payment plans. BetSportsWeb’s rating has been lowered to D-.

BetSportsWeb player account locked for 3 months

A BetSportsWeb (SBR rating D) complaint has been reported. A player states that BetSportsWeb froze his account 3 months ago, with a balance of $3,920. His last payment was received from BetSportsWeb in March. The BSW manager that handles player complaints has been out of the office on each attempt the player made to inquire about his account. In a report dated June 2nd, SBR chronicled BetSportsWeb unwillingness to discuss player issues.

BetSportsWeb management chooses to ignore player payment issues

BetSportsWeb (SBR rating D) is currently slow-paying 9 players a total $36,284, the first payout was requested in January of 2010. BetSportsWeb management initially refuted some player claims but was unable to substantiate its claims to SBR. BetSportsWeb recently closed the account of a player that submitted a sportsbook complaint form.

BetSportsWeb closes player's account that complains of slow-pay

BetSportsWeb (SBR rating D) closed a player’s account and debited him $200 for an arbitrary “administrative fee” after the player complained of slowpay. The fee is reportedly to cover the cost of BetSportsWeb closing the player’s account. The player was initially owed $2700 and has received only payment installments from BetSportsWeb. SBR is attempting to reach BetSportsWeb to discuss this case.

BetSportsWeb fails to honor payment plan

In August of 2009, BetSportsWeb (SBR rating D) informed a player with an $8,700 balance that he could only receive $300 in winnings per week. BetSportsWeb last paid the player $100 (instead of the agreed upon $300) on February 9th. Since that time, no additional payments have been made. As of May 12th, the player is still owed $3,500. SBR will update this report.

BetSportsWeb player owed $11,352 on payment plan

A BetSportsWeb (SBR rating D) player owed $11,352 is on a payment plan. The player reported receiving $500 today. SBR asked BetSportsWeb as to whether or not there is the possibility the player could receive his full balance in less than 23 months, but to date no response has been given.

betsportsweb Review
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