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bets4all Review

Last Updated 08/24/20
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bets4all News

Scam Sportsbook: Bets4All doors still open

Bets4All (sportsbook rating F) is still in business. Bets4All players were stiffed thousands before an alleged ownership change took place at the start of 2010. In February of 2010, the scam sportsbook attempted to bribe SBR to remove negative posts about the unsavory business. A player contacted SBR today stating that he initiated his first withdrawal request for €500 on November 29th. The player has not been paid.

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Bets4All still in business; scam sportsbook continues taking bets

Bets4All (SBR rating F) wrote SBR in November of 2008 inquiring about a rating reevaluation. The F rated sportsbook claimed to be under new ownership and inquired if compensation would eliminate forum postings from scorned players. Five players have outstanding no pay complaints against Bets4All with the earliest request made in September of 2008 for a combined €10,201 in funds owed. | Bets4All forum discussion


To whom it may concern, has changed its management a few weeks ago. Since then our main focus lies on restructuring and repositioning. In the course of this repositioning it is also our effort to reassess the legacy issues of the previous management best possible.

Unfortunately we found some unpleasant forum postings that are in parts even damaging for our business. strives to shed those postings. What kind of compensation would be needed to have your full support on this matter?


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Sportsbook scam alert on Bets4All

SCAM: Latest Bets4All (SBR rating F) victims told they will not be paid because they are either “professional players,” have “inside information” or are “bookmakers” themselves. Bets4All has previously told SBR that slow-paid players must disclose how they obtained their picks before they would be paid.  In the past month six players have reported a no-pay complaint and are owed an average of $2,000. Bet4All will not answer emails or allow players to speak to a decision maker.

Bets4All no-pay complaints are received

Yesterday’s Bets4All (SBR rating F) report prompts two players to submit new no-pay complaints.

Player: I have been trying to get my money from Bets4all since late April. I have 1325 EUR on my account. They do not answer any of my emails. I have talked to several persons at their office. Last time I got an email saying they should pay – however that was three weeks ago. I have a friend that also has tried to get his money, he had 1640 EUR on the account.

Bets4All stalls payment due to syndicate suspicions

Bets4All (SBR rating F) withholding payment due to suspicion of syndicate wagering
The player’s original withdrawal was requested in May. The sportsbook revoked his bonus and is withholding funds, demanding that the player reveal how he made his picks. Bets4All users consistantly complain of the book’s failure to fill payout requests and respond to email.
Bets4All to player: Dear Mrs. ******, To further continue with your payout, we need the written information from you where you have your betting tipps from. Please write us a list with all betting sources you are using to get to bet on a certain game. You may well discribe it with an example for one of your bets. Best wishes,  The – Team!

Bets4All no-pay complaints

Bets4All (SBR rating F) claims new victims
The Austrian bookmaker was the subject of four no-pay complaints this month. Bets4All continues to try to wear players down so they will eventually give up pursuing their funds. One player reports initiating legal action against the sportsbook.
Player: I’d like to report a problem with this book. I requested a payout 4 weeks ago. They debited the amount from my account but did not make the payment. They have completely ignored the many emails I have sent them. On the telephone they say the person I need to speak to is not in the office but he will call me back – which he doesn’t. One person I spoke to said they would not be making the payout and refused to give any reason. I asked his name, which he gave me. When I called again, the office said there was no person there by that name. I have called over twenty times, but they just play the same kind of games with me.

Mailbag Complaints:

WorldBet (SBR rating D-): Player’s winning wager on FIBA basketball cancelled after match due to erroneous betting odds. Book not responding to player emails requesting the book pay at correct market odds.

DragonWager (SBR rating D-): Book moving toward F rating after two more players report no-pay cases. DragonWager continues to supply odd excuses such as a surge in chargebacks.

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SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Bets4All (SBR rating F) trys to bargain with SBR for a better rating. The sportsbook tells SBR they will pay the latest player to file a complaint if SBR gives the book a rating upgrade. They acknowedge the player deserves his money, having not violated any rules: “We told Mr. ******* we will pay him but we will not accept that our received downgraded status from you will stay at this level. Maybe you can help us and Mr. ******* .”
SBR made it clear to Bets4All that warnings will continue for as long as the many no-pay cases exist.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Bets4All (SBR rating F) management requests list of bettors with pending payout complaints from SBR. Players have not reported a payment since SBR last submitted a list to Bets4All in early 2004. It is unknown if this submission of over 20 delinquent account holders will again have positive results. Bets4All has become known as a deposit-only sportsbook that does not respond to emails. Players who have not yet submitted their complaint may email

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Bets4All (SBR rating F+) situation worsening. This Austrian sportsbook,  which attracts players with a wide soccer selection, is now confiscating player funds and refusing to offer a reason why. Bets4All has joined SBR’s Blacklist with a downgrade from D- to F+.
bets4all Review
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