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betonsports Review

Last Updated 06/18/20

This sportsbook is also offline

betonsports News

The story behind Blacklisted Online Sportsbooks

The Sportsbook Review Blacklist contains more than 200 sports betting websites rated from D- to F. Many of these online betting sites have since went off-line unceremoniously without making good on player balances. The reasons for closure without payment varied: Outright scams, blaming the US DOJ while executives remained rich, or simple mismanagement, incompetence, and greed.

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Sportsbook Rating Change: MyBookie to C-

MyBookie Sportsbook has had their rating upgraded from D+ to C-. The sports betting website accepted its first wager August 1 of 2014 and was subsequently introduced to the sportsbook rating guide last September. One payout complaint was submitted by a player in November which was discussed by MyBookie management and resolved.

Read More player opens payout dispute against the betting site

A (SBR rating D+) player has filed an SBR complaint. The player received a partial payout through Person to Person and was scheduled to receive the remainder of his balance as a refund to the credit card he used to make his deposit. confirmed with SBR that the refund sent to the player, though the quoted time-frame has since passed. | complaint

Read More Sportsbook initiated with D+ initial rating Sportsbook has been assessed with an initial sportsbook rating of D+. SBR reported on 1 September 2014 that the forum community requested the relatively new sportsbook to be evaluated. SBR began a process of collecting information on the sportsbook and surveying feedback from readers that took the time to write in via email or share their thoughts in the SBR Sportsbook & Industry section.

As was indicated in the preliminary review, accepted its first sports wager on 1 August 2014, making it a brand new company headed into the fall. SBR confirmed some operational details such as the hosting, location, and setup details of, which are accessible in the first report. has been given the entry mark of D+ in large part due to uncertainty surrounding their financial backers: The sportsbook is run by some ex-marketing and technical workers as defunct shop BetOnSports, as well as some employees from other industry sportsbooks, but beyond that, Mybookie has been unwilling to go on or off the record concerning why players should feel comfortable scoring a big parlay at their new shop than an established industry sportsbook.

Players ask Sportsbook Review to rate Mybookie

Online sportsbook has not yet been rated by SBR but a representative for the sportsbook has confirmed basic company information in response to an SBR inquiry.

Mybookie is a new online sportsbook which accepted its first sport bet on August 1, 2014. The company claims to have a base of managers with prior industry experience; an assertion also made in a marketing mailer received by at least one SBR reader. There are reportedly thirty employees in customer service. A player was told that the sportsbook was run by some of the former managers of defunct sportsbook BetOnSports.

Company Info & Hosting

The sportsbook’s website servers are hosted in Canada, while the company itself is located in San Jose, Costa Rica. The business and marketing are managed out of the Costa Rica office. SBR is in the process of confirming if Mybookie shares office space with another shop or has a standalone facility.

Software & Wagering

Mybookie uses Digital Gaming Solutions (DGS) software for its sportsbook, casino, and racebook. DGS is used by many gaming operators throughout Costa Rica and beyond, although features and versions differ. As of this publication, Mybookie offers a limited wagering cart with a handful of soccer and tennis markets and primarily North American facing sports leagues. Live, in-play betting is offered on some markets. The website layout appears optimized for mobile; a table of images are featured below which can be maximized by clicking the image or corresponding link underneath:

Homepage Bet markets Casino

Cashier Options

As of this time, Mybookie only offer a small handful of cashier options including bank transfer, credit card and person-to-person methods. The lack of an eWallet option and a global facing wagering cart may discourage international business. A company representative advised SBR that the maximum weekly payout is $800 through P2P and $5000 via bank transfer.


The sportsbook offers live chat, support  via telephone,  email, and an online web form.

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BetOnSports settlement checks

Two BetOnSports players reported receiving 4.63% of their balances today. The players were issued a cheque via the mail attached with a letter from Antiguan liquidators. The letter specified that the enclosed payment must be cashed by September 28th, 2011.  | BetOnSports settlement notice

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BetOnSportsWagers sportsbook site enters the SBR Rating Guide at F

BetOnSportsWagers enters the SBR Rating Guide at F is the fifth new EZ Sports Group sportsbook to be rated since April. EZ Sports Sportsbooks has refused to pay players for long shot winning wagers.

BetOnSportsbook enters the SBR Rating Guide with an F rating.

BetOnSportsbook enters the SBR Rating Guide with an F rating. BetOnSportsbook  is part of the EZ Sports Group. The most recent EZ Sports complaint came from a player with sister book Vegas-Sportsbetting (SBR rating F) in February. The player won almost $5,000 on a Giants Super Bowl futures wager. Shortly after requesting his winnings he was locked out of his account. The group has stiffed big futures winners in the past. The scam allows the book to take continous action on multiple teams through out the season, eventually stiffing only the backers of the championship team. The majority of the EZ future bet bettors never realize they risked funds without a chance of winning.

MTL Sports off-line

EZ Sports Group takes MTL Sports (SBR rating F) off-line; accounts merged with BetOnSportsOnline (SBR rating F). MTL was identified as an EZ brand in November of last year.

AmericanFootballBetting & LasVegasBetsonline enter rating guide

AmericanFootballBetting & LasVegasBetsonline enter the SBR Rating Guide with an F rating. The books are  new listings for no-pay scam group, EZ Sports. The group includes stiff sportsbooks, BetonSportsOnline (SBR rating F) and EZSportsbetting (SBR rating F).
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