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Last Updated 06/18/20

This sportsbook is also offline

betmayor News

Wagerwin Sportsbook Set to Off-line Status

Online sportsbook Wagerwin (SBR rating F) has been set to off-line. The betting site was last purchased by Wager506 (also off-line) in July of 2016. SBR reported December 10 of 2015 that a player received $500 toward a payment plan. It is unclear if the user was ever paid in full, or if the sportsbook owed others at the time of closure.

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Update on betting site Wager506; possible ties to WagerWin

Update 7/6: Wager506 acknowledged purchasing WagerWin. SBR has asked the betting site to provide comment on unconfirmed reports that link BetMayor to WagerWin.

Online betting site Wager506 has the same telephone number previously advertised on the Facebook account of WagerWin Sportsbook (SBR rating F). An ex-employee of BetMayor Sportsbook as well as a third-party review website have suggested that the betting site is run by the former GM of the defunct sportsbook BetMayor.

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Wagerwin player receives $500 toward payment plan

A Wagerwin Sportsbook (SBR rating F) player has confirmed receiving $500. The player reported to SBR earlier this week that he was still owed part of a $3,000 payment plan setup for him on August 31st when his account with the online sportsbook was closed. The player is still owed $500 from that balance and will update SBR as he receives his transfer.

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Wagerwin player still owed from $3,000 payment plan

A Wagerwin (SBR rating F) player has filed a payout complaint. The player originally had $3,000 removed from his account on August 31st and had his account closed by the online sportsbook. He was placed on a payment plan to receive his balance, but has only received $2,000 so far with the last payout received on November 21st.

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Sportsbook Forum Readers Question CRSportsBet's D rating

Some readers on the SBR Posting Forum questioned why the online sportsbook was not added to the worst sportsbook blacklist at D- for a rumored connection to stiff sportsbook BetMayor (SBR rating F). While a former sales representative of BetMayor is employed at CRSportsBet, SBR has been unable to confirm any shared ownership connection.

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What to learn from BetMayor Sportsbook scam

Scam sportsbook BetMayor (SBR rating F) remains off-line. The collapse of the short-lived online sportsbook highlights why players must be extremely caution of new bookmakers, especially around football season. Scam online sportsbooks will jack up their sportsbook and casino bonuses attempting to lure in new players, but have little if any financial backing.

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The story behind Blacklisted Online Sportsbooks

The Sportsbook Review Blacklist contains more than 200 sports betting websites rated from D- to F. Many of these online betting sites have since went off-line unceremoniously without making good on player balances. The reasons for closure without payment varied: Outright scams, blaming the US DOJ while executives remained rich, or simple mismanagement, incompetence, and greed.

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Find all sportsbooks with a 50% or higher bonus

The sportsbook rating guide allows players to search for all sportsbooks with a 50% or higher bonus. Players can choose the bonus amount they would like to see per bonus type (cash or free play) and include other data to help with selecting an online sportsbook that matches their needs.

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Blacklisted website EzStreetSports still off-line

Players who were stiffed by online sportsbook (SBR rating F) continue to ask for updates. Sportsbook Review reported on the 10th of July that the sportsbook went off-line for good. The sportsbook is one of many on the scam sports betting website list; players should stick with safe and trusted sportsbooks this football season.

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BetMayor Sportsbook claims acquisition fell through

BetMayor Sportsbook (SBR rating F) responded to a recent SBR email by saying that the supposed acquisition of their business fell through; no additional plans to pay players were disclosed. The big casino winner who won $51,000 playing Blackjack continues to remain hopeful that he will eventually be paid.

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