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BetEmBig Review

Last Updated 08/22/20
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BetEmBig News

New brand from Futurebet operation, BetEmBig (SBR rating F) traps new victim

New brand from Futurebet operation, BetEmBig (SBR rating F) traps victim
Player: I’ve recently found out that betembig is associated with futurebet and i noticed that the customer service is almost identical with some of the other futurebet sites that have had major payout problems. I requested a thousand dollar payout (by the way the customer service is suspiciously nice)and one customer service guy told me they are having problems with their accounts department while another told me that it could take a few months to process my withdrawl. I have a strange feeling that I have been scammed here, because these guys have a bad reputation to say the least.
All new Futurebet brands will enter the rating guide with an F rating. Turnkey sportsbook owners who are working outside of the Futurebet scam to make payment arrangements with players should contact SBR.

BetemBig enters SBR rating guide

BetEmBig (SBR rating D-) is the latest sportsbook to enter the SBR rating guide as part of the Futurebet scam operation. 
BetEmBig Review
D- Last Updated
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