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betdos Review

Last Updated 08/22/20
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This sportsbook is also offline

betdos News

BetDOS remains off-line with player funds owed

Another BetDOS (SBR rating F) player wrote in to SBR today that had a $3000 balance at the time the sportsbook went off-line. BetDOS had its website shut down for failing to make payments to its hosting provider, and has yet to come back online. BetDOS owes 8 players $9,833 according to sportsbook complaints filed.

BetDOS players concede that funds are stolen

BetDOS (SBR rating F) is believed to be off-line for good after its hosting service was turned off and it failed to secure a new provider. BetDOS sportsbook had already owed 7 people $6,833 at the time it defaulted on its hosting account with International Data Solutions (IDS). BetDOS has been downgraded to F.

BetDOS still off-line with player funds

On 3/23 SBR reported that BetDOS was taken off-line by its hosting provider. BetDOS (SBR rating D-) was downgraded  on March 22nd by SBR due to its continued poor customer service and non-existant dispute relations. BetDOS failed to pay its software provider and was subsequently taken off-line. SBR will update this report as more information is learned.

BetDOS update: hosting provider disables sportsbook due to non-payment

Earlier today SBR reported that BetDOS (SBR rating D-) was off-line. SBR later spoke with the hosting company that provides betting software to BetDOS and it was stated that BetDOS was late in providing payment for the hosting services and subsequently disabled. BetDOS has failed to return communication to players or SBR in the last month. SBR considers BetDOS a high risk sportsbook to be avoided by players.

Update: A new BetDOS slowpay complaint has been filed. A player requested 650 GBP on February 21st and has yet to receive his funds or an update from BetDOS.


I requested a payout 650 GBP in February, 21 but still have not an answer. The last e-mail I received at that day but after that was no answer. Now as I see the website is close.

BetDOS off-line

BetDOS (SBR rating D-) is now off-line. SBR reported yesterday that BetDOS was displaying a message to all account holders that their accounts were deactivated; today the site is completely off-line. BetDOS racked up a bevy of complaints in the last month, including payout complaints, and complaints where BetDOS credited the wrong currency and never adjusted their mistake.

BetDOS users report deactivated account messages

Multiple BetDOS (SBR rating D-) players have written in today stating the sportsbook is displaying a message that their accounts have been deactived. The message is as displayed as follows:


“Alert message !Please contact customer service to activate your account.”

This message comes on the heels of a number of unanswered complaints levied against BetDOS in the last month. BetDOS players are advised to submit sportsbook complaint reports stating their account status, if any funds are owed, and how long they have been waiting for payment. BetDOS has declined to discuss the details of complaints with SBR. SBR will update this report as BetDOS’ status changes.

BetDOS disables account of player credited wrong currency

BetDOS (SBR rating D-) has disabled the account of the player from SBR’s March 3rd complaint. The player funded his account with a €460 deposit on March 5th via Moneybookers. BetDOS instead credited his $460 and ignored subesequent emails requesting to have the amount corrected. BetDOS has not communicated with SBR. BetDOS has been downgraded to a rating of D-.

BetDOS live help taken off-line

BetDOS (SBR rating D+) has taken its live chat software off-line. The location now contains an image placeholder to purchase live chat software. BetDOS has been unresponsive both to players and SBR inquiries. Players are advised to cease wagering with BetDOS until the sportsbook proves it has the means to pay out winners.

BetDOS complaint reported

A BetDOS (SBR rating D+) complaint has been filed. On March 5th a player deposited €460 to his BetDOS account via Moneybookers. The amount credited to the player was instead $460, subsequent emails to BetDOS requesting the currency to be corrected have went unanswered. SBR is investigating.

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BetDOS slowpay

A BetDOS (SBR rating D+) player reports being slow paid €1382 for two months.  In the last month SBR has reported three slowpay complaints levied against BetDOS. In total six players are owed €6790 with the earliest payment request made on December 10th.

betdos Review
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