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Last Updated 08/22/20
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This sportsbook is also offline

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MVPAction added to sportsbook ratings guide

MVPAction (SBR rating D+) is a new post-up brand targeting the US market. The sportsbook operates out of San Jose, Costa Rica. MVPAction is refusing comment to SBR on details concerning their operation. SBR has verified that MVPAction is registered to Capilleira: a host for past fly-by-night operations on the sportsbook blacklist.

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ClicknGamble & Capilleira scam continues

ClicknGamble (SBR rating F), part of the same operation that hosted stiff sportsbooks: BigjuicyOdds (SBR rating F), DragonWager (SBR rating F) and BetCSL (SBR rating F), player complains of no-pay. ClicknGamble is soliciting players who were victims of Capilleira serviced sportsbooks. A Victim of BigJuicyOdds reports being targeted by ClicknGamble.
Player: I received a call from Joey on september 8, 2008, he first wanted me to post up, then he decided to take 4 of my players plus myself and give us a 1000.00 credit and settle up each tuesday.i agreed and the first week i was +1502.00. He sent the payout on wednesday and i received it thursday. the next week i was up 4820.00 and he said theguy that was backing him (a professional tour poker player) got hit hard and did not want me nor my players action and that he had never stiffed anyone and i would receive my money and he would notifiy me when the package had been sent and give me the tracking number.  that has been about a month and one-half. i emailed him about three weeks ago and he again said he would let me know when the package had been sent. i have now emailed him several time and phoned him and he doesn’t answer nor respond to me emails.  just wanted to let you know so you can warn other players. Email address and phone numbers 1-702-425-5074 and 1-702-499-3093

No-Pay Sportsbook back online

No-Pay Sportsbook back online
BetCSL (SBR rating F)  players reported payout problems in January of 2007. The sportsbook was taken off-line by the turnkey provider, Capilleira. Two more Capilleira sportsbooks have since closed without paying users. The sportsbook website has reappeared in time for football. Players should avoid CSL and all Capilleira sportsbooks.

Capilleira Group sportsbooks reach SCAM status

Capilleira Group sportsbooks reach SCAM status
Operation management initially told SBR that they were not responsible for its anonymous licensees. After the closure of the first no-pay book, DragonWager, Capilleira management told SBR it would require its licensees to keep deposits on hand so not to facilitate theft. Capilleira management also told SBR that it would stand for all player balances at two of its brands, WagerDaily and Ultimate-Odds. In March a WagerDaily player reported that he was owed $23,364 and the sportsbook was off-line. The player was able to log in to his account through Ultimate-Odds where his balance was still showing as available. Capilleira management initially told the player that it would pay him in installments and take responsibility for the “book owner’s” debt.

Capilleira: I will pay you 10% of the balance starting April 1st and it will be sent by bank wire and this will be adhered to strictly.

Capilleira’s owner failed to pay as promised and has avoided the client. WagerDaily reached a peak rating of C- before the first complaint from BetCSL was received. Capilleira-hosted books such as BetCSL, DragonWager and BigJuicyOdds have stiffed players thousands.

ActionJacksonSports enters the SBR rating guide at D

ActionJacksonSports enters the SBR rating guide at D. AJS is a Costa Rica-based sportsbook using Central Valley Technologies software and Capilleira turnkey hosting and wagering. ActionJackson is one of many Capilleira sportsbooks that stands to be reassessed once no-pay sportsbooks DragonWager (SBR rating F) and BetCSL (SBR rating F) victim balances are addressed.

SBR asks BetCSL and DragonWager players to write in

BetCSL (SBR rating F) and DragonWager (SBR rating F) victims asked to contact SBR. BigJuicyOdds (SBR rating D+) has stated that it intends to cover the balances of stiffed players from these two small sportsbooks. Balance credits are expected to be received next week and, like the SBGglobal (SBR rating D-) relief offer, will carry a twenty time roll-over requirement without a deposit. BetCSL and DragonWager were both serviced by the same hosting and software company chosen by BigJuicyOdds. BJO is currently under the microscope as victims from SBG try the new book after accepting a bailout offer.

BigJuicyOdds (SBR rating D+) credits players scammed by SBGglobal (SBR rating D-) and BetRoyal (SBR rating D-).

BigJuicyOdds (SBR rating D+) credits players scammed by SBGglobal (SBR rating D-) and BetRoyal (SBR rating D-). Players who have yet to be credited with “bailout” money must contact SBR to verify or correct SBG/BetRoyal balance and account information. Confiscated winnings are expected to total slightly below $100,000.

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BigJuicyOdds (SBR rating D+) offering bailout to SBG Global and BetRoyal Victims

BigJuicyOdds offering bailout to SBG Global and BetRoyal Victims

 (SBR rating D+)  states it will credit players for winnings confiscated by SBG Global (SBR rating D-) and BetRoyal (SBR rating D-) without requiring a deposit. A 20x roll-over (balance must be played-through twenty times) will be required before withdrawals can be requested. Players who elect to accept the offer must contact SBR. BJO expects accounts to be credited before the end of the week.
BigJuicyOdds is a new sportsbook using Capilleira software and sportsbook hosting services. Capilleira-hosted sportsbooks were rated as high as C- in 2006. All Capilleira-based books were downgraded due to a lack of safeguards for players by Capilleira management. Capilleira blamed anonymous principals behind both BetCSL (SBR rating D-) and DragonWager (SBR rating D-) for inability to pay players. BigJuicyOdds tells SportsbookReview it also intends to absorb balances from these sportsbooks next week. BJO will be reevaluated following feedback from former CSL, DragonWager and SBG customers. 

BigJuicyOdds enters the SBR Rating Guide at D-

Both books are operated by Capilleira’s sportsbook service. BetCSL (SBR rating F) and DragonWager (SBR rating F) also utilized the same operation. Both have stiffed players within the past year. DragonWager is now off-line while BetCSL remains and offers new deposit bonuses.

JavaSportsCasino enters rating guide at D-

JavaSportsCasino enters the SBR Rating guide at D-. JSC is operated by the same company as no-pay sportsbook, BetCSL (SBR rating F).
betcsl Review
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