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betcasinosports Review

Last Updated 08/23/20
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PlayWePay (SBR rating D+) bails on bailout deal

Last week the sportsbook paid a user his final payment totaling approximately 25% of his balance, refusing to pay the remainder. The player initially accepted a generous offer that PWP would cover his balance from defunct sportsbook, BetCasinoSports (SBR rating F). The only stipulation was a 7x rollover which was changed to 10x when the wagering requirement was nearly finished. The bettor went on to win $15,310 for a total of $28,080. PlayWePay has sent a total of only $6,885. The bettor states that he suffered further losses by accepting the PWP offer since he would have earned the winnings with a different sportsbook.

SBR Bill Dozer reports: PlayWePay (SBR rating D+)

not honoring ’BetCasinoSports bailout’ terms. The bettor received a free account balance as part of a bail-out package for BetCasinoSports (SBR rating F) users and went on to win an additional $15,310. PlayWePay has increased the rollover requirement and is limiting the amount the player will receive to $6,885. SBR has received multiple complaints from players with other sportsbooks who were offered “relief” after being a victim of a fallen book, only to see the ’rescuing’ sportsbook fail to pay. Sports-Gambling (SBR rating D) received positive press for coming to the rescue of SunsetSports (SBR rating F-) victims but later deleted winning accounts.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

BetCasinoSports (SBR rating F-) has closed. The sportsbook is no longer putting up new odds and banking web pages are off-line.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

SBR has confirmed that PlayWePay (not rated) has paid out $5,000 to a former BetCasinoSports (SBR rating F-) client, with more players close to meeting the seven time roll-over that was part of the”bailout” terms. During BCS’ short existence, players had not been able to withdraw more than a few hundred dollars at a time. BCS victims can find more information about PlayWePay’s offer here.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

BetCasinoSports (SBR rating F-) players begin testing what appears to be a bailout offer from PlayWePay (not rated).SBR will continue to monitor the progress of these arrangements.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

BetCasinoSports (SBR rating F-) shutting down website. The group of thieves that has stolen from players under the sportsbook name BringMeLuck (SBR rating F-) has decided their newest scam has run its course. BetCasinoSports is no longer pretending to be a sportsbook and the website is expected to come off-line soon.

PlayWePay (not rated) to bailout BCS customers with 7x roll-over? PayWePlay General Manager tells SBR that they have their phone number displayed on the BCS website so players can take advantage of their bailout offer. SBR can not yet verify that this offer is legitimate, but it appears to be the only option available to BCS players. SBR is in the process of assessing PWP and is currently checking the references of PWP management. PlayWePay can be reached at 1-800-284-8195.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Inside sources report that BetCasinoSports (SBR rating F) is a new version of the stiff sportsbook BringMeLuck (SBR rating F-). BCS has followed in the footsteps of BML and is in full no-pay mode.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

BetCasinoSports (SBR rating F) continues to stiff players. SBR has received numerous complaints like the one below. BCS has failed to keep up with small payment plans of as little as $200 per month.

“I wish I had found you guys sooner, I am having a problem with I have requested 2 payouts totalling $4000 and haven’t received anything, they keep pushing the date back and back, it has been over a month now. The latest was it was supposed to be in my neteller account friday 3/25 but they said they couldn’t because of the holiday, so they said Tuesday it would be there, but after reading the reviews I am very worried now.  I have over $6000 in there now and I just want it all out!! Can you guys help me get all my money out, or at least most of it??  Thank You in advance for anything you can do for me.”

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

BetCasinoSports (SBR rating F) failing to keep up with payment plans on delinquent accounts. Players should avoid this sportsbook at all costs. BCS is hoping for a cash infusion from new investors. They are not likely to survive this football season without it.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

BetCasinoSports (SBR rating F) slow-paying players. BCS claims that a rough football season is causing them to put players owed larger amounts on “payment plans”. One player owed over $4,000 reports receiving weekly installments of $100. BCS’s business model suggests there is little hope for future success. This sportsbook is currently offering an excessive cash bonus of 35% as well as reduced juice and free half point specials. Players should be weary of incentives that seem too good to be true.
betcasinosports Review
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