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betbones Review

Last Updated 08/23/20
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This sportsbook is also offline

betbones News

BetDOS (SBR rating D+) management reports parting ways with scam sportsbook owner

BetDos was identified as a sportsbook using turnkey service provider MXA Systems in March. Shortly after discussing their rating with Sportsbook Review and learning more about Max, the owner of MXA and the scams he has been involved in, BetDOS reported moving to BLR software and their own server and database. Max was the host, and in some cases owner, of scam books such as DunHill Casino (SBR rating F), Atlantisbets (SBR rating F), BetBones (SBR rating F) and PremiumBettor (SBR rating F).

BetDOS enters SBR rating guide at D-


BetDOS enters SBR rating guide at D- BetDos is serviced by “Max,” who formerly hosted and serviced scam sportsbooks AtlantisBets and DunHillCasino, and owned and operated BetBones and Premiumbettor. Max now uses his resources to service new sportsbooks–one being BetFirstClass (SBR rating D). BetFirstClass ownership was unaware of BetDos but the sportsbooks share the same IP address and database server. A username from one of the sportsbooks will also work on the other book’s website. BetDos has not yet answered SBR’s inquiries. As with all new turnkey sportsbooks, BetDos should be avoided.


BetFirstClass (SBR rating D) software and host provider identified as BetBones Max.

BetFirstClass (SBR rating D) turnkey host provider identified as BetBones (SBR rating F) operator. The BetBones group scammed players under different brands at the end of 2007. BetBones ran a handicapper scam just before closing, stiffing hopeful victims as well as its employees. owner states that he was unaware of the history of no-pay books on the platform. Previous scams also included F rated sportsbooks BetWGN, SunsetSports, Atlantisbet and DunHillCasino.

Premiumbettor (SBR rating F) closes; stiffs player $17,500

Premiumbettor (SBR rating F) closes; stiffs player $17,500
The player joined Premium after receiving a free winning pick by someone posing as a professional handicapper over the phone. The tout told the bettor that he had more plays and asked him to deposit $5,000 with PremiumBettor where the player would put in the bets given to him by the pro capper. The bettor was initially told that a $5,000 deposit would allow the duo to access a line of credit of $30,000. After depositing the first $5,000 the player was conned into depositing an additional $5,000 in $2,500 increments for “fees.” The account grew to $17,500 before the website went off-line. The tout pretended to be surprised by what happened and a victim himself, even advising the player to read about this scam gaming group at PremiumBettor was a BetBones scam operation. Also off-line is sister site UbetAndWin (SBR rating F) and GamblingDogLine (SBR rating F).

HiRollerbets (SBR rating F) wagering off-line

HiRollerbets (SBR rating F) wagering off-line. The book’s homepage gives users a message suggesting that HRB is dealing with legal issues. “Due to strong goverment restriction the site will be temporaly unaviable for the next 90 days until futher notice. Players will be contact individually by one of our representatives.”
Sister sportsbook, UwinBets (SBR rating F) is also unaccessible but claims server problems as the reason. “Due to server maintance your account history is not available online, all wagers will be taken over the phone for the next couple of hours. we apologize for the inconvenience. Uwinbet Management”
This is another reason for bettors to avoid sportsbooks in the BetBones Group.

BetBones adds two sportsbooks for 2007 NFL season

Failed sportsbook operation BetBones (SBR rating F) pumps out two more new sportsbooks for the 2007 NFL season. PremiumBettor & UBetAndWin both enter the SBR rating guide with an F rating. The company has proven to be insolvent and has stiffed its staff members at the end of 2006. At that time the sportsbook blamed a lack of investor funding. The sportsbook is now serving as a turnkey host which partners with small webmasters to build fly-by-night sportsbooks. Five of seven BetBones-related sportsbooks are now off-line.

HiRollerBets enters rating guide at F

HiRollerBets, a new sportsbook from BetBones (SBR rating F) ownership, enters the SBR rating guide at F. The operation closed down most of its sportsbook websites last year after “investors pulled out” and it was unable to pay employees. Only sister book GamblingDogLine (SBR rating F) remains.

GamblingDogLine enters SBR Guide at F

GamblingDogLine, a new sportsbook from BetBones (SBR rating F) ownership, enters the SBR rating guide at F. The book closed down some of its websites last year after “investors pulled out” and was unable to pay employees.

Scam Alert: BetBones (SBR rating D-) stiffs employees and closes site

One employee tells SBR that they were told “gringo investors pulled out.” Players with the book’s sister sites should attempt to redeem their funds.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

New sportsbook, BetBones and sister sites, StockCarBets, 911Wager, LionSportsbook not paying employees. Two employees have complained they have not received a paycheck in three weeks and say the staff is owed over $10,000. The small operation has been downgraded from D to D-.
betbones Review
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