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betafterbet Review

Last Updated 06/18/20

This sportsbook is also offline

betafterbet News

BetAtHome Sportsbook player with frozen balance

A BetAtHome Sportsbook (SBR rating C-) player has filed a sportsbook complaint. The player claims that his account has been suspended with a balance of €2,200. He says that BetAtHome support has failed to provide a reason for the action, and that he has not been in violation of any BetAtHome Sportsbook’s terms and conditions. SBR is following up on this player complaint.

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GoalWin Sportsbook clears slow-pay complaint

SBR reported on July 23 that GoalWin Sportsbook (unrated) was delaying all payouts. A player reported that GoalWin failed to process his withdrawal dated June 15. SBR followed up on the complaint and was told that payouts were delayed due to technical issues within the GoalWin cashier. The player has since been paid.

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GoalWin Sportsbook payouts delayed

GoalWin Sportsbook (unrated) is currently delaying all payout requests. GoalWin pinned the blame on technical issues within their payment system. The sportsbook website promises quick, hassle-free payouts, but at least one player has grown frustrated by the waiting game, leading to his filing an SBR complaint.

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PointCasino steals from two new players' balances has been added to the SBR ratings guide with a mark of D. Last week, SBR reported that two PointCasino players had their winnings confiscated after it was alleged they were in violation of promotion terms. PointCasino has refused to provide comment regarding the claims. Two new PointCasino complaint have since been filed. Read the full article for more details.

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Amaya Gaming Group finalizes OnGame deal

In today’s SBR iGaming News video, analyst Natalie Rydström leads with the Amaya Gaming Group’s deal to acquire the OnGame poker network, a story on the LGA of Malta’s agreement with the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission, as well as news updates on two casino game developers. Read More

Betway bonus scam burns another player

Betway (SBR rating D-) is using a “gotcha rule” to confiscate winnings from players. A seventh Betway player filed a complaint with SBR this morning. Betway is enforcing a bizarre rule that allows for confiscation of all player winnings if a player bets in excess of 30% of their starting bonus. Betway is unwilling to cooperate with SBR. SBR urges players to avoid the scam sportsbook.

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MyBet sportsbook account dispute

A MyBet (SBR rating D+) player writes to SBR with an account complaint. The player registered to MyBet and made a first-time deposit of €80 before increasing his account to €368.71. The player tells SBR that MyBet refunded his deposit and closed his account after accusing the player of being connected to other account-holders. The player denies the charge.

MyBet is a Malta-based sportsbook. Malta sportsbooks have recently come under fire, as dodgy sportsbook owners gravitate to the country for their lax gaming restrictions. Recent Malta scam betting sites include Stryyke (SBR rating F), BetOnBet (SBR rating F), and BetAfterBet (SBR rating F). MyBet is one of the only Malta sportsbooks not on SBR’s scam sportsbooks blacklist. MyBet had a rating of D+ initiated by Sportsbook Review on April 7th, 2011.

SBR will update this report.

BetAtHome benefiting from fraud attempts

BetAtHome (SBR rating C-) has confiscated a €460 balance (€300 deposit+winnings) from an admitted bonus-abuser. A BetAtHome player confessed to operating multiple accounts to scam the sportsbook out of giving him several first deposit bonuses. The player tells SBR that he created an additional “5 or 6 accounts” to take advantage of a 100% signup bonus that paid up to €33 on each deposit. All extra accounts were eventually emptied – no withdrawals were made on these accounts. While the player is unsure of specific numbers, he claims to be definite that he has been a losing BetAtHome customer overall. Sportsbooks that offer signup bonuses must protect themselves against customer fraud. Bonus abuse and multi-accounting are prevalent in the industry, forcing sportsbooks to spend a great deal of resources on fraud management, in some cases even choosing to not offer bonuses to certain regions or specific deposit methods. In this dispute, though the player was in clear violation of BetAtHome’s rules, he did not profit from his attempts to scam the sportsbook – thus, the sportsbook would have no right to confiscate his deposit. The argument could be made that the punishment fit the crime if this player had withdrawn more than he deposited as a result of his multi-accounting scam, but such was not the case in this sportsbook dispute.

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Tipico confiscates €2,000 citing 'organised betting'

A Tipico (SBR rating D-) player reports that a €2,000 balance has been confiscated. The Tipico player tells SBR that he opened his account on October 5th, 2010 and began wagering as normal. After three months of successful play, the player reports that his maximum wager size was lowered to €99. He continued to play, withdrawing through Moneybookers every so often even with the imposed wagering limit.

The player reports that exactly one year after opening his account, he received a letter that his account was being closed on the grounds of “organised betting”, or syndicate play – a charge the player denies. | Tipico Sportsbook letter to player

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BetAfterBet victim writes in

A BetAfterBet (SBR rating F) player who lost £500 when the scam sportsbook went offline on March 3rd, 2010 has written in to Sportsbook Review. The player’s hopes for redeeming his £500 were dashed when BetAfterBet had hit one year of being offline without resurfacing. A lone settlement was reported from a BetAfterBet player on May 10th of last year; a user reported receiving 75% of his €533 balance.

SBR received a total of 53 sportsbook complaints from BetAfterBet players who have never recovered the €40,000+ in funds owed to them.

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