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bestake Review

Last Updated 08/23/20
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bestake News

Neteller investigates Bestake fraud complaints

Neteller is investigating the Bestake (SBR rating F) merchant account after complaints against the alleged scam sportsbook were reported. 50 Bestake players contacted SBR saying their balances were zeroed out after clicking a ‘Show Me The Money’ button which was curiously placed next to a new Express 4 Hour Withdrawal ad on its homepage. In reality, once players clicked the message, their entire balances were divided into six World Cup soccer wagers -— with the condition being all six wagers must be recorded as wins in order for the bettors to receive their funds plus 15%. Neteller was unable to comment directly on any action it could take against Bestake, but did state that they would be unable to accept claim requests for funds lost at the hands of a third-party site.

Bestake fraud warning – more players lose their sportsbook balances

New Bestake (SBR rating F) complaints have been reported from players who were victimized by the unrated sportsbook’s scam which was initially reported by SportsBookReview on June 20th. The Bestake homepage displayed a logo of “Show me the money” next to a new ‘4 hour express withdrawal’ option that was never before placed on its site. After clicking the image and believing that they were going to be initiating withdrawal requests, players entire balances were placed on six World Cup soccer games. Bestake’s hidden condition which was obscurely written inside of its terms of service for this ‘promotion’ was that all six wagers must win in order for a player to receive a 15% profit on their balances. Had the terms been clear and apparent once this radical and unprecedented promotion was launched, no players would accept what amounts to drastically worse six-team parlay odds for their entire account balances. Bestake management justified the absurd clause by stating that it was printed on the site, albeit not front and center next to the misleading promotion. SBR considers the action theft and is recommending Bestake cancel all wagers which resulted in players losing their balances on account of the promotion. | Bestake player comments



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Bestake fraud update

Update to 6/20 Bestake fraud report – SBR has received 30 complaints from Bestake players on the sportsbook’s new “Show me the money” feature. Bestake placed a link for the promotion next to an inaccurate description: “New Feature: Express 4 hours withdraw. Start now.”.

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Bestake players report fraud

Bestake (unrated) players have reported fraud. Twenty five Bestake complaints were filed with SBR this morning. When players logged into their accounts a popup window appeared called “Express Withdrawal – Show me the money in 4 hours’. After clicking the option, players reported that their account balances changed to 0, and that exactly six unauthorized bets were recorded to their accounts zeroing their balances.

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bestake Review
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