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atlantisbets Review

Last Updated 08/23/20
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This sportsbook is also offline

atlantisbets News

BetDOS (SBR rating D+) management reports parting ways with scam sportsbook owner

BetDos was identified as a sportsbook using turnkey service provider MXA Systems in March. Shortly after discussing their rating with Sportsbook Review and learning more about Max, the owner of MXA and the scams he has been involved in, BetDOS reported moving to BLR software and their own server and database. Max was the host, and in some cases owner, of scam books such as DunHill Casino (SBR rating F), Atlantisbets (SBR rating F), BetBones (SBR rating F) and PremiumBettor (SBR rating F).

BetDOS enters SBR rating guide at D-


BetDOS enters SBR rating guide at D- BetDos is serviced by “Max,” who formerly hosted and serviced scam sportsbooks AtlantisBets and DunHillCasino, and owned and operated BetBones and Premiumbettor. Max now uses his resources to service new sportsbooks–one being BetFirstClass (SBR rating D). BetFirstClass ownership was unaware of BetDos but the sportsbooks share the same IP address and database server. A username from one of the sportsbooks will also work on the other book’s website. BetDos has not yet answered SBR’s inquiries. As with all new turnkey sportsbooks, BetDos should be avoided.


BetFirstClass Warning

BetFirstClass Warning
The unrated sportsbook is one of 11 betting websites on its platform. They share the same IP address. Nine of those sites are registered under a proxy service. The other two, and have the same whois registration as one of the biggest bookmaker thieves in 2008, Atlantisbets (SBR rating F). The new sportsbook, which has started an advertising campaign with at least one forum website, has copied the about us page and terms of service from SBG Global (SBR rating D-). SBG customer service states they are unrelated to BFC. BFC uses an unknown brand of software, also used by BetCascade (SBR rating F). SBR will ask FirstClass management to comment before initiating rating coverage.

DunHillCasino head for hills with player funds

DunHill heads for hills with player funds
The deposit-only operation closed its other scam sportsbook, AtlantisBets (SBR rating F-), last month. DunHill Casino (SBR rating F-), which closed sometime this past week, stole at least $20,100 in deposits since entering the SBR rating guide at F in March. It is likely a new sportsbook website without a tainted reputation is already online and soliciting deposits with the help of fake professional handicappers. Sources in Costa Rica are searching for more information about the con artists and their online scams.

Online scam Atlantisbets (SBR rating F-) disappears

Online scam book Atlantisbets (SBR rating F-) disappears. The sports tout and sportsbook scam combination conned players into depositing at least $40,000 before closing with account balances. It is likely the thieves will close affiliated website DunHillCasino and has already started building new “sportsbooks” to target new victims.

SCAM ALERT: New DunHillCasino (SBR rating F-) victim


SCAM ALERT: New DunHillCasino (SBR rating F-) victim owed $15,000The player reports depositing through Western Union to Nicaragua and Costa Rica, and again through credit card before going on a five-figure winning streak. The player states that his calls are routed to a Costa Rican cell phone and management is not available. DunHill is a is a spin-off of scam operation AtlantisBets (SBR rating F-).

Player: The other fact that i found intresting is that you have a lot of noise on the background like cars, and buses looks like it is that we are calling to a cellphone. and a lot of spanish environment and the guy who answers the phone have very very very BAD English and he think that we belive that “Mike, Charlie, etc..” are in meetings all the time.


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Online Scam sportsbook to use new brand to lure victims?

SBR confirms DunHillCasino is part of scam sportsbook operation AtlantisBets (SBR rating F-)
SBR has already published a press release on the AtlantisBets scam. DunHillCasino was added to the Sportsbook Review rating guide at F- today.
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Scam alert on DunHillCasino

SCAM ALERT: SBR investigating new sportsbook, DunHillCasino. Sources suggest the book is owned by scam operation AtlantisBets (SBR rating F).

SBRforum Poster Tiger432, latest victim of Atlantisbets

SBRforum Poster Tiger432, latest victim of Atlantisbets (SBR rating F), warns others
Tiger432: is a big fraud scam. They took me to the cleaners for thousands of dollars. This was a hard lesson for me to learn, but I don’t want what happened to me, happen to anyone else. I was introduced to through this guy named Mike Helay (well that’s what he said his name was). He was a suppose to be an expert sports prognosticator betting on basketball games. He said he was from Reno, NV and he has a NY accent, fast talker and very slick. He talked me into opening up a personal account with online for $2,500.00 at first… Full post

AtlantisBets (SBR rating F) scam lands new victim

AtlantisBets (SBR rating F) scam lands new victim
The sportsbook’s scam handicappers con another player into deposting money to AtlantisBets. The book works with the cappers to sell the player on making a deposit into the no-pay book with promises of matching deposits by the capper and winning picks. Victims of AtlantisBets are asked to contact SBR with bank wire information.

Player: I bank wired $5,000, funds were supposed to be matched by capper. Were not. Asked to send another $10,000, and I wired two $5,000 transactions for a total of $15,000. Then was promised “promotional money” by a guy named “Jeremy”, who says he works with casinos in Las Vegas and they give him promotional money. Asked to send another $15,000 in order to “activate” account. Called Atlantis bets to withdraw my $30,000 and guy there named “Mike” (Costa Rica), says “Jeremy” has attached the account as a “promotional” account and that he will not release any funds. Now they want more money in order to release funds.
atlantisbets Review
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