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AllStar Review

Last Updated 12/28/20
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AllStar News

AllStarBet player receives payment after filing complaint

Sportsbook Review reported Thursday of an AllStarBet player who had been owed €501.33 since October 20. The player passed AllStarBet’s KYC procedure and was not sure what to do next. Sportsbook Review contacted AllStarBet concerning the player’s complaint via their online form, but did not hear back. | AllStarBet case update

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AllStarBet player owed €501 for months; registrations blocked?

An AllStarBet player has reported that he has been owed €501.33 since October 20. He has fully passed the Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure of the betting site after submitting all relevant documents. He was told that he would be paid by bank transfer in seven days, but that time-frame has come and gone. | AllStarbet complaint

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Four betting tips for a profitable hockey season

For many handicappers, betting on hockey feels likeinvesting in the stock market: it’s unpredictable, it’s daunting and it’ssomewhat unfamiliar territory. However there are some tips for negotiatingtroubled waters.

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Phillies, Rangers, and Giants top our MLB Weekend Betting Preview

I’ve had 4 consecutive winning weeks and one .500 week with a record of 22-13. Let’s continue with another winning week as we approach the MLB All Star Break. Here are some MLB picks for the weekend of July 9-10. Read More

MLB All Star Game 2011: Can the National League make it two in a row?

Usually good pitching wins the All Star Game, but with so many pitchers on the rosters, who should we expect to see on the mound, and how will this effect the outcome. Read More vs player, $26,000 voided in multiple account dispute (sportsbook rating D-) has reportedly canceled $26,000 in winnings from a player. A player tells SBR that he deposited $1,000 on Saturday, February 5th. The player states that he won $25,000 betting parlays that weekend. allegedly nullified the winnings on the grounds that the player was linked to a previous account holder, who reportedly owed $800 after performing a chargeback in 2009.

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BroburySports no longer accepting new players; pending move to

BroburySports is no longer taking new players. Current players are expected to be moved to (SBR rating D-) by the end of the month. BroburySports, formerly rated as high as B- by SportsbookReview, managed to move up in the ratings above the family due to having independent management which agreed to SBR arbitration. Brobury Sports has been downgraded to D. | Full Report

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On October 13th, SBR reported that and confiscated $39,000 from a winning player. The player accumulated his winnings primarily by placing tennis parlays, and maintained that he never cirucmvented limits as he was mindful of the fact that he was playing at two shops that belong to the Group.

SBR discussed the dispute on behalf of the player, and management agreed to pay the player his entire owed balance. The player confirmed on November 8th that his payout was processed and that he is waiting for his bankwire to hit. (SBR rating D-) management have expressed an interest in handling current disputes fairly, but are unwilling to revisit past complaints. Group — & AllStar confiscate $39,000 from winning player

AllStar (SBR rating D-) & (SBR rating D-) allegedly confiscate $39,000 in winnings. A player writes to SBR that on September 21st, his accounts were closed after he won $35,000 on tennis parlays.

The player deposited $10,500 to AllStar and increased his balance up to $49,500. He deposited $1,000 to and still has $6,900 in pending wagers at the sportsbook. He was told that he would be refunded the $10,500 in AllStar deposits, but would only receive his $1,000 back from if his pending wagers won.

AllStar and are both operated by Jazette Enterprises Ltd.. Jazette is the label behind the (SBR rating D-) family, and has acquired a reputation for confiscating funds from winning players. In this alleged instance of theft, the AllStar manager claims that the winnings were being voided due to the player circumventing limits. However, the player states that he was fully aware of Jazette skins policy and that he consciously avoided wagering the same game at each site. | group confiscation report

Read More has not fixed wager grading errors

Three weeks after the (SBR rating D+) Group has been notified of wager grading errors by SBR and players, wagers remain graded incorrectly. and sister books voided winning baseball bets when they received incorrect information regarding a change in starting pitchers. Players continuously complain that the sportsbook has not made the effort to look into the wagering dispute. BetUSA (SBR rating D+) appears to be the only exception. Ownership has manually credited players whose wagers were graded wrong by their service provider.
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AllStar Review
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