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24sportsweb Review

Last Updated 06/18/20

This sportsbook is also offline

24sportsweb News

InstantActionSports slow-pay complaint still outstanding

The InstantActionSports (SBR rating C) payout complaint reported on July 22 remains outstanding. The betting site owes a player $5,000. The player claims to have received the run around when inquiring on when his funds would be paid. He is up over $8,000 lifetime with InstantActionSports. Sportsbook Review reported in April of last year that InstantActionSports credited a player with $5,000. The player previously operated an account with 24SportsWeb, a sportsbook which went off-line without paying all of their players, and used the InstantActionSports eWallet processing to accept deposits from some international players. 24SportsWeb went off-line on January 21st, 2013. Sportsbook Review reported in February that management initially dodged questions on 24SportsWeb, which had $35,000 in no-pay complaints submitted by users. InstantActionSports later agreed to pay all players who lost their balances with 24SportsWeb who deposited via Skrill. 24SportsWeb clients that had deposited directly without using eWallet never recovered their funds. Sportsbook Review video host Natalie expands on the slow-pay complaint in an online sportsbook news video released earlier today.

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InstantActionSports credits second 24SportsWeb user

Earlier this week SBR reported that InstantActionSports (SBR rating C-), former host of stiff sportsbook 24SportsWeb (SBR rating F), credited $8,800 to a former player of the defunct site. IAS has credited a second player with $5,000. After discussion with SBR, IAS agreed to pay all players who funded their 24SportsWeb account with Skrill.

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InstantActionSports credits former 24SportsWeb player

InstantActionSports (SBR rating C) has agreed to credit all players with unpaid balances who funded their 24SportsWeb (SBR rating F) accounts via eWallet. IAS formerly provided hosting and software to 24SportsWeb, before the sportsbook went off-line in January 2013. In addition to stiffing their few players, 24SportsWeb also had $40,000 in upaid hosting fees at the time of their collapse.

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IAS payout claim filed as mgt dodges 24SportsWeb questions

An InstantActionSports (SBR rating D+) payout complaint has been received. A player asked for a £2,500 payout on January 10th via Skrill. IAS addressed the delay with the user by claiming that it was waiting for a payment to post to the eWallet account before withdrawals could be processed. Three weeks later, the player has still not been paid and no new updates were given.

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Update to 24SportsWeb case

A player with an account at both Instant Action Sports (SBR rating D+) and 24SportsWeb has provided SBR with a payment receipt from Skrill which appears to contradict IAS’ claim of never providing processing to 24SportsWeb players. The pay-from account in both IAS and 24SportsWeb payouts was exactly the same. IAS management has yet to address this.

24SportsWeb down for the count, SBR Industry News

Sportsbook provides an SBR Industry News update for Tuesday, January 29th, 2013, recapping the last week of sportsbook dispute news. The headline story of today’s show is that Costa Rica based sportsbook 24SportsWeb is still off-line. 24SportsWeb owes players and its former host Instant Action Sports more than $75,000.

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24SportsWeb Sportsbook remains off-line

24SportsWeb Sportsbook (SBR rating D+) remains off-line. On January 21st, SBR reported that the Costa Rica based sportsbook went off-line without word. Since that time SBR has confirmed that 24SportsWeb has unpaid hosting fees and is no longer stationed in the Instant Action Sports facility. Players have reported being owed more than $35,000.

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24SportsWeb update, SBR Industry News video

SBR has spoken with InstantActionSports management, former host of 24SportsWeb (SBR rating D+). 24SportsWeb went off-line early yesterday without giving notice to players. IAS management told SBR that 24SportsWeb is behind on hosting fees and is no longer actively communicating regarding their debt. Read More

24SportsWeb off-line

24SportsWeb Sportsbook (SBR rating D+) is currently off-line. The Costa Rica based sportsbook’s phone numbers are also down. 24SportsWeb, which operates under Instant Action Sports, had recently been downgraded by SBR for failure to pay players in their advertised withdrawal times. SBR is investigating and will update this report.

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24SportsWeb user waits since October for $3,000

A 24SportsWeb Sportsbook (SBR rating D+)  player reports that a $3,000 withdrawal requested October 10th via Skrill has not been paid. 24SportsWeb live support has been unable to provide a concrete update: the player says he has been told on more than one occasion that his funds should be received the following week. SBR is investigating this latest claim.

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