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NBA Odds

Betting on the action is a great way to dial up the excitement you experience when watching an NBA game take place. However, it can be a confusing process for newcomers. You can use this page to compare the best odds on offer at all the best online sportsbooks and check our picks section for NBA picks for today and ensure you are getting the best value for money. We will also explain how to choose a trustworthy site to wager with, and you can then read on for a breaking of the different NBA betting lines available. 
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Best Sportsbooks for NBA Lines and Odds

You have hundreds of different options when choosing which online sportsbook to set up an account with. They range from fantastic operators with a long history of prompt payouts to scam sites that will simply rip you off. We have reviewed them all and we can help you identify a trustworthy NBA sportsbook. Visit our list of top sportsbooks and choose a site with an A+ or A rating, such as BovadaBookmaker or BetOnline.

NBA Futures Betting

The sportsbooks will perform an analysis of each team’s strengths and weaknesses before a season begins. They will calculate the chances of them winning the NBA Championship, the Western Conference, the Eastern Conference and so on, and assign odds accordingly. You will see a favorite and the odds grow progressively longer until you reach the rank outsider. 

For example, the LA Clippers were the +325 favorites to win the championship ahead of the 2019/20 season, while the Phoenix Suns were the +30000 outsiders. If you see an NBA line starting with a plus sign, it tells you the profit you stand to make from a successful $100 wager. A $100 bet on the Clippers would net you a $325 profit in that example, whereas a $100 bet on the Suns would earn you a $30,000 profit.  

You will also see futures odds on markets like MVP and Rookie of the Year, plus basketball odds on how many wins each team will secure over the course of the season. All of these NBA odds and lines change over the course of the season depending on how each team and player performs.

NBA Moneylines

This allows you to simply predict which team will win a ball game. The oddsmakers will assess the game in detail, factoring in the strength of each team’s roster, injuries, which team is playing at home, fatigue, motivation, head-to-head records and so on, before assigning NBA moneyline odds to each team. 

Unless both teams are very evenly matched, there will be a favorite and an underdog. Let’s say the LA Lakers are on a long winning run and preparing to host the Oklahoma City Thunder at Staples Center. You might see odds of -187 on the Lakers and +161 on OKC in the NBA opening lines at top sites like YouWager. A minus sign at the start of basketball lines tells you the amount you need to wager in order to earn a $100 profit. 

In this case, a $187 bet on the Lakers would earn you a $100 profit if they won the game. A $20 bet on the Lakers would net you $10.70, whereas a $20 bet on OKC would net you $32.20. It tells you that the sportsbooks think the Lakers have a much better chance of winning the game, and they have priced the NBA game lines accordingly.

NBA Point Spreads

This is the most common way to bet on pro basketball. The sportsbooks start by giving the stronger team a handicap. If we stick with the example used above, you might expect to see the Lakers are the 4.5-point favorites. You could then opt for either the Lakers -4.5 or the Thunder +4.5 in the NBA point spread. Sportsbooks generally offer -110 on either outcome, but some will go to -105 if they offer reduced juice NBA spreads. 
If you back the Lakers to cover the spread, they must win by 5 or more points. If they win by just 4 points, your bet is a loser. While this is harder to achieve, you will earn a considerably higher profit than if you had bet the moneyline. If you bet on the Thunder to cover the spread, OKC would simply have to get within 4 points of the Lakers. The Thunder could therefore either win the game or lose by 4 or fewer points, and your bet would be a winner, but your payout would be smaller than if you had bet the moneyline.

NBA Totals Betting

This is another hugely popular basketball wager. You simply have to predict how many points both teams will score over the course of the game. The sportsbooks will set a total points line of, for example, 212.5 points. You can then bet on either over or under that line, with odds of -110 on either outcome. If it finishes 110-108, over will pay out. If it finishes 98-90, under will pay out.

NBA Prop Bets

These are niche wagers that home in on a specific event within a game, but do not necessarily relate to its outcome. It could be on a player to score a certain amount of points, a team to win a particular period, the first team to reach 20 points, whether the game will go to overtime, the winning margin, the total rebounds a player will manage, and so on. Prop wagers are particularly common in NBA playoff betting and they ramp up during the NBA Finals, but you can often find them throughout the year. Sites like and are good for prop bets on NBA games. 

Frequently Asked Questions


What is over and under in basketball?

NBA over under betting is a prediction on the total points scored by both teams in a game. The sportsbooks set a line based on how strong each team’s offense and defense is, the head-to-head record between the teams and so on. You can then check out the bet lines NBA and opt for either over or under.

Does Las Vegas have an NBA team?

Las Vegas does not have an NBA team yet, but various plans to move a franchise to the city have been mooted over the years. The city is home to many famous sportsbooks and the NBA Vegas odds are very influential in the NBA final line.

What is over under in NBA?

This is a bet on whether the total points in a game will go over or under a certain line. Check out today´s NBA lines to see the list of totals betting options.

How do you bet on NBA playoffs?

All the world’s leading sportsbooks offer betting lines on the playoffs. You must identify a safe, reliable betting site that will treat you fairly and pay out on time and offer competitive bonuses. Then conduct plenty of research, assess the various NBA lines tonight and choose the option that appeals most to you. Click on a selection and it will be added to your betslip. Select the amount you wish to wager and click on “Place Bet”.

Where can I bet on NBA games?

Hundreds of sites offer NBA odds today, but you should only sign up for sportsbooks with a strong rating at SBR. Check out our list of the best online sportsbooks to find sites with an A+ or an A rating.

How does point spread work in NBA?

The oddsmakers will give the stronger team a handicap in order to even things out. If Team A is the 6.5 point favorite, you can then either bet on Team A -6.5 or Team B +6.5, with odds of -110 on either outcome.

What is the spread in basketball?

This is the handicap line set by the odds compilers when they are working out NBA points spreads for tonight.

What are NBA odds?

It refers to the probability of a particular outcome. The sportsbooks will assess how likely each outcome is and set NBA score lines accordingly. It also tells you how much you stand to win if your prediction is successful. These lines change depending on how popular each selection is.

How do you win NBA odds?

Your bet is a winner if your prediction proves to be correct. You might bet on a team to cover the NBA point spreads for tonight, or go under on total points, or back a team to win on the moneyline. If your guess is correct, you will be paid out based on the odds assigned to that market.

How do you read the odds in basketball?

If a line starts with a plus, it tells you the amount you will win from a $100 bet. If it starts with a minus, it tells you the amount you must lay down to win $100.

What’s the line on the NBA?

This refers to the point spread set by the sportsbooks). You can bet on either team to cover it, depending on whether you think each team will overachieve or underachieve.