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Welcome to our dedicated page featuring all the latest odds on Major League Soccer games. This page allows you to compare the odds on offer at the best online betting sites in the business and maximize your potential profits. Newcomers to the wonderful world of Major League soccer betting may find these odds confusing, so read on to learn how to understand soccer odds. 

US Odds 

You can choose between two options at SBR – US odds and decimal odds. American odds start with either a minus sign or a plus sign. If it starts with a minus sign, that tells you the amount you need to wager in order to generate a $100 profit. For example, if Philadelphia Union is -140 to beat San Jose Earthquakes, you would need to wager $140 on Philadelphia Union in order to earn a $100 profit. 

You are not obliged to wager $140 on Philadelphia. That is merely a guide. You could wager $20 and you would earn a $14.29 profit if the Union won the game, or you could wager $10,000 and make a $7,142.86 profit. You get your stake back when your bet is successful, so your total return in that instance would be $17,142.86 

If MLS betting lines start with a plus symbol, it tells you the profit you would earn by placing a $100 bet. If Real Salt Lake is +250 to beat New York City FC, you would know that a $100 wager would earn you a $250 profit if successful. Once again, you do not have to bet $100. You could bet $1,000 and earn a $2,500 profit if Real Salt Lake secured victory. 

If one team has negative MLS betting odds and its opponent has positive MLS betting odds, the team with negative odds is the favorite and the team with plus odds is the underdog. 

Decimal Odds 

Some MLS betting fans prefer to use the decimal format for sports odds. Decimal odds help you work out the return you stand to make on a successful bet. Let’s say Seattle Sounders FC is priced at 1.77 to beat Minnesota Utd in the MLS betting odds. You then simply multiply that figure by your stake to calculate your potential return if your bet pays off. 

If you bet $10 at 1.77 and Seattle wins the game, your return would be $17.70. That includes a $7.70 profit and the return of your $10 stake. That is the main difference between US odds and decimal odds: US odds tell you the profit you stand to earn, whereas decimal odds tell you the amount you will be paid (profit plus return of stake). 

As another example of decimal odds, you might see Los Angeles FC at 2.35 to beat Columbus Crew. If you bet $100 on Los Angeles FC and it won the game, you would be returned $235 (a $135 profit and the return of your $100 stake). Decimal odds of 2.35 are therefore equivalent to US odds of +135. 

SBR has an odds converter tool that you can use to quickly convert MLS odds from decimal to US format. It also allows you to convert to fractional odds, implied probability, Indonesian odds, Hong Kong odds and Malay odds. Just remember that the team with the smaller decimal odds is the favorite, and the Major League Soccer team with the larger decimal odds is the underdog. 

Bet Types 

The key betting options you will find listed on this Major League soccer odds page are moneyline, point spread and totals. A moneyline bet is a straightforward wager on the result of a particular game. You might bet on Minnesota United FC to beat FC Dallas, or Colorado Rapids to draw with Montreal Impact. The soccer odds compilers at the soccer betting sites will assess the relative strengths and weaknesses of both teams, and assign a set of odds to each potential outcome: home win, draw and away win. There is usually a favorite and an underdog in the soccer betting odds, unless the teams are very evenly matched. 

A point spread is a handicap wager. It gives the supposedly stronger soccer team a handicap in order to skew the odds. For instance, let’s say LA Galaxy is the -280 favorite to beat New England Revolution, and New England Revolution is the +775 underdog for anyone looking at moneyline bets. If you wanted more value on LA Galaxy, you could check out the point spread. You might expect to find odds of -110 on the Galaxy -1.5, which means they would have to win the game by two or more goals for your bet to pay off. 

That obviously makes success more difficult, but your rewards are significantly greater. A $100 bet would earn a profit of $91 at -110, as opposed to $35.71 at -280. Alternatively, you could bet on the Revolution +1.5, meaning they could either win, draw or lose by a single goal in order for your bet to be successful. You would only receive a profit of around $91, as opposed to $775 on the moneyline, but your chances of success are significantly greater. 

Totals betting does not require you to predict the result of the game. You simply place bets on the cumulative number of goals scored by both teams. For example, if you bet on over 2.5 goals in a game between Sporting Kansas City and Portland Timbers, you will be paid out if there are three or more goals, regardless of which team wins. It could finish 2-1 to Kansas City, or 3-0 to Portland, and you would be paid out either way. 

You can also bet on moneyline, spread and totals in the first half or second half, and you can find the best sports betting odds by clicking on those filters at the top of this page. 

Best MLS Sportsbooks 

The best sportsbooks for MLS betting will offer competitive soccer odds on each game, whether it is an MLS Cup final between New York Red Bulls and Toronto FC or a low-key regular season game between Orlando City and Nashville SC. They will also provide a competitive sign-up bonus, a user-friendly sports betting platform, great customer service, a wealth of banking options and interesting promotions. 

You must stick to safe, secure trustworthy sites like Sportsbetting.agIntertopsJustBet or WagerWeb. They have a long history of paying out players in full and on time. These sites have great odds on other sports too, so anyone that finds exciting NFL picks among the daily array of best bets provided by the SBR team can wager on football alongside soccer.   

Soccer fans will also be keen to bet on tournaments like Serie A, the Premier League, the Champions League and the CONCACAF Champions League. You should seek out a sportsbook that offers a strong range of betting options on games taking place in these leagues, including plenty of game and player props, plus futures wagering markets.