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Check out our detailed horse racing betting guide, which explains how to read odds, how to pick a horse, the type of bets you can choose from, how to place a bet at an online racebook and much.

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The Kentucky Derby is the most important event in the US horse racing calendar and it always proves extremely popular among bettors. Our dedicated Kentucky Derby horse odds page is designed to arm you with all the information you need before placing a wager on the event.
You will find information about the 2020 Kentucky Derby field and odds, how to bet on Kentucky Derby markets and the various wagering options available to you. It allows you to check the latest Kentucky Derby odds and see which way the market is moving before taking the plunge.
The Kentucky Derby is usually held on the first Saturday in May. However, this year it has been moved to September 5 as a result of the coronavirus crisis. It will still have a prize purse of $3 million, and it will be run over a distance of 1 ¼ miles on the left-handed dirt track at Churchill Downs.
However, this year the Belmont Stakes took place before the Kentucky Derby in a total break for tradition. Bettors will therefore scrutinize Belmont Stakes odds intently this year. The winner of the Belmont, Barclay Tagg's Tiz the Law, will become popular in Kentucky Derby picks ahead of the new September date, and it will also be among the favorites in the Preakness Stakes odds.

Bob Baffert’s Nadal headed up the Kentucky Derby points leaderboard after delivering a string of impressive results in 2020 but the early favorite for the Kentucky Derby has been retired with condylar fracture (a leg injury).
Stablemate Charlatan is also near the top of the standings, and these superstar colts are unbeaten in seven combined starts. They won the first and second divisions at the Grade 1 Arkansas Derby in May 2020, and there will be a great deal of attention on this dynamic duo among bettors looking at the Kentucky Derby horses and odds.
Tiz the Law looks like another key contender for glory. Barclay Tagg’s colt has fine pedigree and he surged to a four-length victory at the Grade 1 Champagne Stakes at Belmont Park last year. He has already clinched the Holy Bull Stakes and the Curlin Florida Derby this year, leaving him second in the Kentucky Derby points leaderboard.
As mentioned above, Tiz the Law secured victory at Belmont Park and will head to Churchill Downs in a bid to win the second leg of the Triple Crown, and he will probably be the favorite among the Kentucky Derby entries.
However, you can expect the odds to shift considerably over the course of the summer. The season has been turned on its head, uncertainty reigns and that is likely to have an impact upon this year’s Kentucky Derby line. The Triple Crown is normally wrapped up the end of June, so it will be interesting to see how these older contenders perform when September rolls around and the 2020 Kentucky Derby gets underway. SBR will publish detailed articles full of Kentucky Derby predictions and Kentucky Derby live odds once the final 2020 Kentucky Derby lineup is revealed.

You might see three different formats when checking out the current Kentucky Derby odds. Fractional odds are the most common on US racing, but it helps to have an understanding of American odds and decimal odds too. We will start by explaining how to read fractional odds, using the Kentucky Derby 2019 race as an example.
Game Winner was the 5/1 favorite in the Kentucky Derby morning lines last year after Omaha Beach was scratched. Fractional odds tell you the profit you stand to earn based on the amount of money you stake. If you see odds of 5/1, it tells you that you will win $5 for every $1 you wager. A $1 bet on Game Winner would therefore have netted you a $5 profit if he won the race. You also get your stake back on winning bets, yielding a total return of $6.
Country House was a 30/1 underdog in the Kentucky Derby odds 2019. You would have won $30 for every $1 you wagered, so a $20 bet at 30/1 would have netted you a $600 profit. Country House ended up securing victory following the controversial decision to disqualify 10/1 shot Maximum Security, ensuring a handsome payout for everyone that bet on Country House.
Horse racing odds are sometimes rendered in the American format. If you see a plus sign at the start of a set of American odds, it tells you the profit you stand to earn from a $100 bet. Fractional odds of 5/1 therefore become +500 when you opt for American odds, while 30/1
becomes +3000. It is the same concept: a $100 bet at +3000 earns you a $3,000 profit if successful, while a $20 bet earns you $600.
You might also see decimal odds when checking out Kentucky Derby odds and post positions at the best horse racing sportsbooks. Decimal odds tell you the return you stand to make rather the profit. Fractional odds of 5/1 become 6.00. You then multiply your stake by that figure to calculate your return if successful. A $10 bet at 6.00 yields a return of $60 ($50 profit and your $10 stake back). Odds of 30/1 become 31.00, so a $10 bet at 31.00 would yield a return of $310 ($300 profit and your $10 stake back).

You can choose from a wide range of exciting betting options when enjoying Kentucky Derby betting online. The most popular way to bet on the Derby is a straight win bet, a prediction on which horse will cross the line first. However, there are many more exotic wagers to consider, leading many people to ask, what’s the difference between an exacta, trifecta and quinella bet? They are all popular types of horse bets, and they are simple once you get the hang of them.
- An exacta requires you to predict which horse will win the race and which horse will finish second, in that exact order. It is harder to succeed with an exacta than to pull off a straight win bet, but your potential reward will be much higher.
- A quinella allows you to browse the Kentucky Derby betting odds and choose two horses, which can then finish first and second in any order. It is easier to secure a successful quinella than an exacta, but the returns are generally smaller.
- A trifecta involves picking the winner, the runner-up and the third-placed horse, in that exact order. It is even harder to land a trifecta than an exacta, but you will receive an even higher payout if you can pull it off.
- If you are feeling really confident, you can go for a superfecta. This is a prediction on the winner, the runner-up, the third placed horse and the fourth placed horse.
You can alternatively make things easier for yourself by boxing a number of horses together and betting on combinations of different exactas or trifectas within that box. Or you can nominate a key horse and place wheel exactas with the other runners in the field. You have a number of exciting wagering options, and you should not simply restrict yourself to straight win bets.
You should also pay attention to where to bet on the Kentucky Derby. It is a hugely popular race and several sportsbooks will vie for your business. However, you should stick to the
reliable, trustworthy books that have earned A+ or A ratings in our best betting sites guide.
You will often find attractive bonus offers and smooth user interfaces, but the most crucial advantage of betting with these books is that they have a history of paying their customers out in full and on time. Sadly, the same cannot be said for many sites that try to win your business, so avoid any of the books on our blacklist and stick to the reputable sites before placing a future wager on Kentucky Derby results.

First you must find a reliable sportsbook with the liquidity to cover your winnings. The sites on our top sportsbook list fit the bill. Study the Kentucky Derby favorites and outsiders and predict how the race will unfold. Click on the odds next to a horse and it will be added to your betslip. You can then choose the amount you wish to stake and click on “Place Bet”. Sit back, let Mike Battaglia serenade you and enjoy the race. If your prediction was successful, your account will be credited with your winnings. If you click on multiple Derby horses, the betslip provide a list of the exacta and trifecta odds available to you.

The odds on this big race continually change, so keep checking our Horse Racing Odds section for updated prices on each of the leading contenders for the Derby.

Tiz the Law secured victory at Belmont Park and will head to Churchill Downs in a bid to win the second leg of the Triple Crown, and he will probably be the favorite among the Kentucky Derby entries.

The odds line maker will set the official morning line odds after the post-position draw takes place on the week of the Kentucky Derby. Any odds that you see at a racebook before the official draw are speculative, and non-official.
When using a US racebook, you will always be paid out based on the starting price – the official odds on a horse when the race begins – but at some European books you can “take a price”, which allows you to lock in the odds offered by the bookmaker at that particular time.