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Time / TV
Fri Oct 18, 2019
Sets: 0-1
Games: 1-0
Score: 30-30

Good service game from Fabbiano/Seppi as they make the score 1:0. | Break point to Demoliner/Middelkoop. | Fabbiano/Seppi lose the point but have another chance to win the game.

Sets: 1-0
Games: 5-5
Score: 30-30

Andy Murray double faults and Marius Copil wins the point. | Marius Copil holds his serve to make the score 5:5. | Game point for Marius Copil. Can he convert it?

Sets: 0-0
Games: 2-4
Score: 30-40

Game point for Yuichi Sugita! | Janko Tipsarevic wins the game but still trails 2:4. | Yuichi Sugita saves one game point. Can he do it again?

Saturday, October 19, 2019