If I win, should I report my winnings?
Yes, you should report your winnings. Be sure to subtract all gambling losses from all other sources including lottery losses.

Do your home work
Most people have no idea that Sportsbooks vary greatly in financial strength. There are Sportsbooks operating right now that have no intention of paying any customers.. ever. They have slick banners and full page ads in gaming magazines, beautiful web sites and they are as nice as can be when you're making a deposit. Dozens of players a day find this website because their request for a payout is met with a song and a dance.

Safety - Avoiding fraud
While there are about 20 quality sportsbooks, I would only give my credit card to the Sportsbooks on my A+ list. These books are large, well established and use a highly secure encryption method and thus have not had any fraud problems in the past five years. In fact, I would rather enter my credit card number into a secure-socket encryption server than hand it to my waitress at my favorite restaurant who then disappears into the back for a few minutes to prepare the bill.

One rule I advise offshore gamers is to have your credit card company issue you a new card once or twice a year. It's free, it takes only a few minutes on the phone. This will greatly reduce the chance of someone obtaining your credit card information.

Fraudulent Sportsbooks actually are not that difficult to spot. They are usually located in a country that is not on my "most favored list". Occasionally they will not state which country they are licensed in. Not willing to reveal these important facts is a sure sign of possible fraud. Check The Avoid List at Sportsbook Review before joining any sportsbook that is not on SBR's recommended list.

The Preferred Countries List for gaming
The countries listed below are the preferred gaming countries. They generally have strong gaming commissions, expensive and stringent gaming license procedures and modern infrastructure with regards to technology and bandwidth:

  • Dutch Antilles - Curacao
  • Antigua/Barbuda
  • Isle of Man
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • Belize
  • Jamaica
  • Mauritius
  • Gibraltar
  • Austria
    Soon to join the Preferred list (maybe)
  • Canada (Mohawk Territory of Montreal only) -This area still bothers me somewhat despite its stellar record to date

The following countries have lax standards, lack gaming commissions and
are otherwise inferior to the countries in the preferred list:

  • Dominica
  • Margarita Island (Venezuela)
  • Nicaragua
  • Bahamas
  • Panama
  • Honduras
  • Costa Rica

AVOID the following countries at all costs:

  • Dominican Republic
  • St. Kitts
  • Grenada
  • Madagascar
  • Haiti
  • Aruba
  • St. Marten
  • St. Vincent

Finding the Right Sportsbook

How many times has a new player hit the search engines to find a book with the best bonus program, joins up, goes on the roll of a lifetime only to learn the book is not paying its customers? Unfortunately it seems to be a daily occurrence.

Choosing a sportsbook is a lot like choosing a mechanic to service your car. If you have a Honda you wouldn't dare take it to the Cadillac dealer for repair no matter how good the Cadillac dealers reputation is. If your a small player you will be far better off in a book that caters to your type of play than one that caters to high rollers.

How does one know which books are safe and which ones will be gone next week? All the Top Sportsbooks lists, Recommended lists, Top 50 and sportsbook forum boards accept huge advertising fees. Most of these so-called recommended lists could easily pass as " worst sportsbooks lists". To make their recommended list you only have to pay their asking rate. In my opinion, which admittedly is bias, the most respected non-biased research on sportsbooks belongs to . Sportsbooks can not buy their way onto the recommended list, they have to earn that privilege.

Only consider those sportsbooks that are located in preferred gaming countries.

Time to open an account!

Opening a sportsbook account is a rather easy and straight forward process. Make sure you enter all information correctly! This information will also be used to send you your winnings.

If you ever have a problem at a sportsbook I referred you to, call or write . Working out a problem with an offshore sportsbook is not like marching into your bank and demanding your problem be resolved. One of the first things management looks at when there is a problem is who you were referred by. If your account is tagged referred by "sportsbook review" the book will take your problem very seriously.

Record your plays!
Why is it the person buying something at a dept. store wouldn't dare leave without a receipt but will lay a dime on a game and not bother with preserving a record?

The most common answer is: I don't want my wife and or family finding out.

OK - So let's deal with that fact. The suggestion listed below will save a perfect record of all your plays on your computer and they will be very difficult to find. No more printing confirms.

Step 1
Open Windows exploring >> File >> New >> Folder (click on folder)

The new folder will appear as "New Folder" rename the folder Windows Sys - Click View and then Refresh

The newly created folder, now labeled, Window Sys is now located under Windows and most likely your last folder Ð check it using exploring

Step 2
Now you are on the net using your browser. Place your wagers. Go to your Account Info and then to Open Wagers. Double check there is not any errors.

While you are on the confirmation page go to File >> Save As >> find the Windows Sys folder and click on it.

Hit save.

This will save a perfect record of the web page showing all open wagers on your hard drive. The whole procedure, of saving the page to your hard drive, takes less than 10 seconds.

If your wife digs so hard as to find this obscurely named folder you may want to look into some offshore banking arrangements.