Advertise on the SBR Network

The SBR Network, a network that caters to the sports fan and bettor, provides a unique blend of advertising options including traditional banner advertising, video advertising, contest platform advertising including sponsored poker tournaments.

  • Is your target audience male who are avid sports fans?
  • Are you looking to Geo-Target your ad campaigns?
  • Are you looking for "out of the box" advertising options including contests, branding and call to action campaigns?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, the SBR Network is the best value for your advertising dollar.

  • Males 18-54 with the majority in the 25-34 age range. (33%)
  • Sports fans that are interested in researching teams, match ups and major events
  • Sports Fans that has a median Income of $75,212
  • Visitor loyalty of 51.50% with an average on site visit of 3:17 seconds

Banner Specs: Header ( 728x90 ), Ad Box ( 300x250 ) Tower Ad ( 160x600 ), In-Thread ( 468x60 ), Between Posts ( 580x50 )
SBROdds Header ( 728x90 ) News Feed ( 678x84 ), Left Hand Box ( 198x90 )

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SBR Sponsorship Opportunities

We offer a big variaty of sponsorship accross our network. Content Sponsorship

Text link inclusion and content series sponsorship is a great option to get your message across to our community. Readers will be provided high quality content branded with your logo identifying your brand as a quality content provider. Sponsorship

Adverstising clients can sponsor specific shows that are created by the SBR Network staffers. 50 videos are uploaded monthly featuring sports betting news, week in sports recaps or betting reviews. A 5 to 10 second advert can be added before and after airing of the show.

SBR Poker Tournament Sponsorship

The SBR Network's proprietary poker software is robust and capable to handle multiple users at any given time. It has become a great tool in the industry to interact with your future customers by providing a fun environment while promoting your brand/service. Exclusive tournaments can be created, with the sign-up page, catered to your informational needs, lobby banners and tables branded just for you. Winnings can be paid in points and redeemed at our SBR Store for your products and or services.

SBR Contests Sponsorship

Our proprietary contest platform hosts a number of free sports related contests for the SBR community. With an avergage of 750 active players per event, your product or brand can host a contest for any sports, with prizing of your choice. We can award points which can be cashed in at our SBR Store for your service or products. Our sign up form can be as simple or complex as needed, depending on what information you are waiting from the user..

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