t the beginning of the season it’s up to the bookmakers in Las Vegas to pool information and models and then gage the public perceptions of each of the teams lined up for the NBA Championship games. Once the money coming in is balanced the bookmakers are always happy but it’s a rare occasion when the their initial predictions, and thus public love for every, and even most NBA teams, are correct. So here’s a look at how the books set the line at the beginning of the season, where the line is at present- right before we get into the playoff season- and how each team has fared Against The Spread (ATS). # 5 The San Antonio Spurs opening future bet was priced at +2000 and has currently shortened to +350 surprising many NBA bettors and fans. Against the Spread (ATS) they went 40-29-2 making them a good bet on the Year ATS so if you were to bet on the Spurs for every game throughout the regular season, you’d be in the middle of writing them a Thank You Card. # 4 The Chicago Bulls have made impressive highlight reels already his season and after their opening future odds of +1800 they are currently at +350. They are also a great bet on the year Against the Spread (ATS) after going 44-24-2. # 3 The Boston Celtics opened with futures at +500 and are now at +250. Good for them, but not so good for the average Chicago Bulls Bettor who would have lost over half of the time by supporting this team. Against the Spread (ATS) The Bulls are 33-35-2! # 2 The Miami Heat opened at +2500 and are now at +250. Although they’ve seen a significant shortening in odds they are still a bad bet as spread winners on regular season matchups after going 33-37-1 in 2011. And finally # 1, The LA Lakers opened with high hopes of +350 to win the NBA 2011 Championships and remain with even higher hopes today at +180. But much like the Heat and Celtics, betting on these teams would not have made you profitable this season Against the Spread (ATS) they are 34-36-1. But one of these times will likely win so who’s your money on? Leave your YouTube Comment Below and Remember…. it’s only a game until you bet it! Place your bets NOW at one of our recommended books , BookMaker, The Greek , BetJamaica, Diamond, Legends, 5Dimes, Bodog