UFC 144 delivers a combination of parlay and prop value throughout the entire card. Lets look at which lines have maintained value and where we should wait for potential openings after the weigh-ins.

UFC 144: Maincard Parlays & Prop Options

Rampage Jackson vs Ryan Bader

As we approach this Saturday’s UFC 144, most UFC betting lines are now sharpening up and slowly revealing their final resting stop. For the maincard I’d like to highlight a few favorites that are still teetering on maintaining their sports betting value. See what UFC betting parlay we have come up with for this event.

Anthony Pettis -237 combined with Rampage Jackson at -235 comes out to around +103 when parlayed together.

Since his UFC debut loss against Clay Guida, Pettis has stated just how much of a focal point his defensive and offensive wrestling has become in training camp. Duke Roufus also made it a point to bring in former NCAA wrestling champion Ben Askren, providing Pettis with one of the more legitimate wrestling partners to sharpen his takedown defense.

For the most part I see Anthony controlling the pace in the last two rounds , as he actively stuffs Lauzon’s shots and soundly out strikes him on the feet. Fight won’t go 3 round distance at -175 is a good semi-hedge just incase Joe’s early aggression earns him a submission, although I wouldn’t rule out a late knockout for Pettis either.

With Rampage Jackson over Ryan Bader, I think it’s safe to assume that Jackson holds every advantage here aside from youth. Bader has left hints about getting back to his wrestling base in this fight but unfortunately Jackson still possesses one of the sturdiest bases in the Light Heavyweight division. At the end of the day I see Rampage out boxing and possibly even knocking Bader out within the first two rounds.

The round prop with the most value at the moment has to be on Akiyama/Shields won’t go 3 round distance at +210. Simply put, Akiyama will be a knockout threat anytime the fight stays standing and his propensity to gas late could very well result in a 3rd round submission for Jake Shields.

The second parlay I’d consider is Henderson/Edgar goes 5 round distance at -300 combined with Hunt/Kongo won't go 3 round distance at -265, which can be bought at 5dimes.

Hunt vs Kongo is another fight where you can make a strong case where one fighter has a strong chance at an early knockout and the other will have a massive conditioning edge in a potential third round. Though with Hunt’s durability, Kongo walking away with a decision here is a slight concern.

Arianny Celeste

For the UFC 144 Fight Card's main event we’re dealing with two of the more durable lightweights to ever enter the cage. Frankie has some of the best recovery ability we’ve seen while Henderson has shown to be nearly impossible to submit or knockout. My only real concern is a wild head kick from Henderson or a possible guillotine choke, although I’m willing to lay -300 that neither happens.

Undercard-Underdog Value

When the undercard lines were released on Tuesday, the market immediately corrected a few overpriced favorites.

Vaughan Lee went from +375 to +250 and the UFC odds boards, Issei Tamura fell from +280 to +230 and Eiji Mitsuoka dropped from +200 to +165.

I think with all three opening prices we were seeing inflation based off names and prior accomplishments. All three favorites have shown to be either massively overrated or on a steep decline at this current stage in their careers.

I think there’s still just enough value to play all three SU and would even consider parlaying them together, which would come out to around +2600.