UFC 125 managed to silence it’s detractors with one of the greatest lightweight title fights. Find out how our UFC 125 predictions played out.

UFC 125: Post fight Aftermath

Leading up to UFC 125, all we heard about was the lackluster match-ups and the inevitable lack of excitement. Instead we received some brilliant finishes and a main-event that’s already being crowned as one of the best lightweight tittle fights.  Frankie Edgar’s resilience and determination was truly something to be commended. His comeback against Gray has been cemented as one of the greatest (if not the greatest) in UFC history.

As for my predictions, I was able to raise the bar and go 4-0-1 on my UFC 125 fighter picks. For those that have been following me as a prognosticator, 7-1-1 in the last two UFC events has hopefully put some extra quid in your pocket.

Not only did we have a successful night in terms of profit, but based off of Pinnacle’s closing lines, 4 out of the 5 prediction I gave out ended up closing 10 cents or more in our favor. Clay Guida was the only line to move against me, and oddly enough, it may have been our easiest win of the night. As much as Pride-fans wanted to see the “old Gomi”, Guida’s flowing locks were just too much to handle for the “Fireball Kid”.

UFC 125 graded results

We kicked the night off by nailing a +205 dog on the undercard. Diego Nunes was able to mount a comeback after an illegal knee closed his right eye in the first round. If anything, the gruesome eye injury actually seemed to fuel the comeback. Diego used a beautiful arsenal of leg and spinning back kicks to slowly demoralize Matt Brown. Brown just wasn’t able to find his range after the first round.

Next-up was Dong Hyun Kim vs. Nate Diaz. Kim easily exploited Nate’s wrestling deficiencies in route to cashing our first main-card play at -115. The line ended up moving 25 cents in our favor, closing around -140 at Pinnacle. For those that played my straddle recommendation at 5dimes.com, you comfortably cashed with Kim by decision at +140. I don’t know about you, but I for one was glad to have some insurance on a Diaz stoppage considering how Maynardmuch Kim tired in the third.

Leading into the main event, we profited from another underdog in Brian Stann at +140. As I previously mentioned in my match-up breakdown for this fight, this was just another case of an inflated line against one of Chris Leben’s lesser known opponents. Brian Stann went in there and rag-dolled Leben for the first few minutes before the ref mercifully called the fight.  Thankfully, Brian Stann single handily put an end to all the ridiculous Wanderlei Silva vs. Chris Leben talk.

Although I correctly predicted a win for Jeremy Stephens, his fight with Marcus Davis was lot closer than I imagined. It turned out the old veteran made a wise choice in dropping down to 155lbs. He was able to keep the fight close with his superior boxing.

Marcus even managed to hurt Jeremy in the first round but unjustifiably clinched instead of looking for more punching space. It turned out, that mistake may have cost Marcus the fight. Jeremy landed a thunderous punch in the final frame leaving Marcus unconscious on the mat. 

Potential Match-ups for 2011

Despite being one of the UFC’s greatest title fights, the draw between Gray and Frankie unfortunately left the lightweight division in shambles. After initially promising Anthony Pettis the next shot at Frankie’s belt, Dana White went back on his decision and granted Maynard another rematch for the belt.

It’s hard to argue with that choice, but where does this leave Anthony Pettis? Hopefully the UFC gives him an easy tune-up fight after the foreseeable layoff.

Perhaps the most intriguing call-out after UFC 125 was from the young prospect Jon Jones. Apparently, Mr. Jones didn’t take kindly to the way Thiago Silva disrespected Brandon Vera throughout their fight. Jon Jones has gone on record saying he would love to slap Silva in the cage. If Jon isn’t careful, he may just get what he’s asking for.

I personally feel that if the match-up was made, the betting value would be in Thiago’s underrated strength and ground game. We’ve already begun to see the over inflation of Jon’s betting lines. He’s currently priced as high as -400 against Ryan Bader. What say you?  Is Jon Jones biting off more than he can chew?