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SBR RatingD-
Parent / HostJazette Enterprises Limited
Customer Service:1 800 632 6088
Live Chat:No

Sportsbook rating changes

New Ratings Upgrades Downgrades

09/30/2011 03:02 PM CST Global - SBR initiates rating coverage at C-
10/19/2007 06:40 PM CST downgraded from D+ to D-
06/04/2004 02:04 PM CST lowered form D to F+ and, SBR Rating coverage initiated at F+
05/21/2004 04:03 PM CST lowered from C+ to C
05/06/2004 12:42 PM CST Grande upgraded from B+ to A-, SportingBetUSA upgraded from C+ to B and upgraded from D+ to C+
01/03/2004 12:00 AM CST raised from D+ to C-
08/20/2003 12:00 AM CST - Downgraded from the Black List to the RUN! List - SBR Rating lowered to F
09/23/2002 09:47 AM CST This week's serious player complaints: Little NASA (on RUN! List), SportsInteraction (on Black List), SportsbookUSA, List), LionBets(on RUN! List)
05/08/2002 03:34 PM CST -Downgraded to the Black List - Blatantly confiscating players winnings
02/19/2002 10:23 AM CST - Already on Black List is setting records for amount of complaints - further downgrade possible
12/05/2001 01:04 PM CST - Downgraded to the Black List - Slow pay and possible no pay developing
11/01/2001 01:19 PM CST - Downgraded to the Black List(2nd time) - Deteriorating customer service - Merger related problems
07/28/2001 12:14 PM CST - Upgraded - Removed From the Black List - Agreed to be acquired by SportingbetUSA
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