Hello players!  The NBA playoffs are really heating up now; let’s get to the action starting with Monday the 9th when the players had a good day tabbing Miami and Oklahoma City to sweep the NBA.  

The decisions were big ones but still two winners for the public and both games going over helped out the parlay players as well.  In MLB betting, the players won with Cincy -35 and Colorado -78 while the house picked up a win on Oakland +08; an overall a good day for the players.

Tuesday’s NBA was a nothing game so the house did well picking up the vig.  In baseball, the players picked up wins on Philly – Florida under 6 (two public pitchers under was their safety valve and it worked easily), Cincy again -48, San Francisco -80, and Detroit -17 against the hapless Twins (minor league line up right now).  In turn, the house came back with wins on the Mets +55, Toronto +60, and the Angels -24 to have a good night overall for the sportsbooks.

The Boston – Miami NBA game on Wednesday was split and the players picked up a win – Oklahoma City – to wash out the night basically.  Players tabbed MLB games Philly -15, Detroit +12, Tampa Bay -53, and the White Sox +08 while the house came back with Washington +200, Toronto +31, and Kansas City +215 to end up having a winning night with the big dogs coming through.

Thursday the players once again tabbed the Chicago Bulls in an easy drubbing of the Atlanta Hawks.  In the short baseball schedule, the players won with Saint Louis -55, San Francisco -23, and Tampa Bay -15.  The house won two games but both were big dogs in Kansas City +90 and the Mets +85 to square up the day with the players.

Friday the house won a big game with Memphis -2 coming back in the second half to beat Oklahoma City.  In the bases, the players correctly scored with Philadelphia -19, Milwaukee -65, Detroit -200, Boston +15, and of course against the Twins with Toronto -35.  The house won with Texas +10 and the White Sox +19 to battle back on the day and, because of the baskets win, it was a peanut for the day.

Saturday in baseball, the players won with Florida -42, Cincy -20, Oakland -25, and Boston +35; meanwhile, the house picked up wins on Arizona +30, Toronto +06 (people actually thought the Twins were going to win one, not a chance), and Baltimore +60 to wash out the day.

Sunday the house split the baskets losing with Oklahoma City Thunder but winning the Bulls; impressive performance to have a nice day overall in pro hoops.  In the bases, the players tabbed Washington -25, Milwaukee -75, Arizona -25, Toronto -40, Texas -40, and Boston again -40.  The house won with San Diego +45 and the White Sox +50 to lose for the day, although it was overall an ok week for the books.

Good luck players!  Talk to you next week.