Hello players! Let’s get a betting recap for the week of May 30th to June 5th, as the NBA season is winding down and the word is the NFL will have an agreement in place in the next two weeks so we don't miss football.

Monday in MLB betting saw the players tab Philadelphia Phillies (playing the Dodgers on Monday) -200 (books won the run line though so it was a wash), Houston Astros +52 (Cubs just aren't any good), red hot Arizona Diamondbacks -35, New York Yankees +01, and the Anaheim Angels -23.  The books counteracted with San Diego Padres +60, LA Dodgers -19, and the Chicago White Sox +85 to pick up a few pennies to start the week.

Dwayne Wade Miami HeatTuesday in game 1 of the NBA Finals, the house was split on the side and won the total small to have a good start to the 2011 Finals.  In the bases, the players won with bets on Milwaukee Brewers -40, Houston Astros +60 (Cubs still aren’t any good), Kansas City Royals -05, and Seattle Mariners -30.  The house battled back with Washington Nationals +60, Florida Marlins +30, Tampa Bay Devil Rays +22, Cleveland Indians +60, and White Sox +75 to have a nice wagering day overall.

Wednesday in baseball the players correctly tabbed Houston +17 (Cubs may actually be worse today than they were Monday if that can be possible), Arizona Diamondbacks -70, San Francisco Giants -15, Colorado Rockies -20, Texas Rangers +40, New York Yankees -13, and Cleveland Indians -17 to have a big day for the betting public.  The books won back a few scraps on Cincinnati +10 and Chicago White Sox +40 but overall it was a big baseball betting day for the players.

In Game 2 of the NBA Finals, the Mavericks had a 1% chance to come back from a 17-point deficit with under 8 minutes left in the game; but they did just that.  With the Heat working on shot clock settling for some tough perimeter shots, the Mavs super star Dirk Nowitzski led a comeback Thursday that rivaled one of D-Wade’s in the 2006 series.  The players once again were mixed on the side but won the money line on the game and the total was a wash as it landed 188 to get the players about even for the week.  In MLB, the players put up wins on San Francisco Giants +15, Houston Astros +18, and Seattle Mariners -15 while the books won with Washington +20 and Minnesota +15 to stand at dutch for the week.

Friday in the diamond notes the players won with Atlanta Braves -15, Saint Louis Cardinals -75 (Cubs haven't improved much since our last notation on them), Arizona -69, San Francisco Giants -14, Boston Red Sox -205, and Seattle Mariners  -28.  Countering were the books with Pittsburgh Pirates +70, Milwaukee Brewers +28, Minnesota Twins +50, and the Anaheim Angels -35 to squeak ahead for the week.

Saturday’s baseball resulted in the players correctly tabbing Colorado Rockies -20, Saint Louis Cardinals -82 (I won't comment on how filthy the Cubs are as it is getting redundant), Milwaukee Brewers -42, Texas Rangers +05, and New York Yankees -46; the house came back with the LA Dodgers +10, New York Mets +08, Baltimore Orioles +17, and Minnesota Twins +40 to hold sway for the day and week.

Sunday’s basketball was an exciting game that once again came down to the buzzer.  The house was dead split again on the side but won the total as it stayed under 88-86.  In baseball, the players gained ground with the Philadelphia Phillies’ side and run line, Saint Louis Cardinals -54 (guess who they played?), San Diego Padres -70, Texas Rangers -35, New York Yankees -30, and Seattle Mariners -55.  In turn, the house won with San Francisco Giants even, Toronto Blue Jays +40, and Minnesota Twins +40 to make a small profit for the day and week.

Good luck players!  Talk to you next week.

P.S.  My biggest hockey betting decision was a dime or two and I can’t remember if we won it or lost it.