* Update on this article, LeBron has recently officially joined Twitter.com, under the ID @KingJames. We have updated the odds below to reflect his current appearance on Twitter. While he has not Tweeted as of yet, James already has 80,000 followers. 

With all of the attention that Lebron James is getting now that he is a free agent, you’d think the King would be tweeting about it non-stop. You’d think the entire Twitter sports community, and maybe even some tech nerds would be following his every thought on the second biggest social media platform in the world.

There’s only one problem: James is technically not on Twitter. The Cleveland Cavaliers bookmarked lebronjames on Twitter, but it goes unused. He has also been linked to other accounts, including ones for charity. But that's about it. Heck, LeBron isn’t big on interacting online altogether. At 25, you’d figure a superstar who aspires to become the richest athlete ever would want to maximize his appeal and combine it with technology, right? He is on Facebook, but there's not really a lot of activity going on there. LeBron James will be huge on Twitter

Well this could be the year he puts himself on the map. James has not decided yet where he will land, but the smart money is on him leaving the Cavaliers for a bigger media market, possibly Chicago, New York or Miami. With a bigger market and bigger payday, comes more attention. We easily see LeBron’s handlers getting him more involved online, especially with social media. 

Currently, the top Twitter athlete is Shaq with over 2.9 million followers. The moment James actively decides to tweet, we anticipate his follower list to grow at unprecedented levels. The long wait of him finally becoming seemingly accessible will make his Twitter debut impressive. 

In fact, SBR believes that not only will LeBron get on Twitter in 2010, he’ll become the top athlete on Twitter by Sept 1, 2010. 

Will LeBron James tweet from his own Twitter account in 2010? 

Yes -900 (or 1 to 9)
No +800 (or 8 to 1)

Will LeBron James have the most followers of any athlete on Twitter by September 1, 2010? 

Yes -150 (or 2 to 3)
No + 175 (or 7 to 4)

“It’s obvious that LeBron James is undergoing a serious media makeover right now,” says Steve Ricci, SBR Oddsmaker. “The way he finished the playoffs necessitated a bit of an image polishing. We see him doing interviews, giving us glimpses into who he is. Joining the Twitter community is the next logical step.”

Some have speculated that LeBron’s lack of Twitter presence has been because he is waiting to sign with a team first. Once he is introduced with a new team, he will then jump on Twitter hardcore. 

To date, it’s unknown whether or not LeBron will start his own Twitter account or simply wrestle his namesake account away from the Cavs. We’re betting it’s the latter. 

“LeBron James WILL be the king of Twitter. It’s just a matter of him getting on board. And with media-savvy businesses like Nike working with him, you know it’s not long before he does.” 

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