It overshadowed the NBA Finals. The topic of where LeBron James will go has dominated every basketball headline across the country. And now it's all over. LeBron James has officially declared he will join the Miami Heat and leave Cleveland. Below is the article we had leading up to this incredibly-hyped move.

As LeBron James tries to nail down his plans for playing basketball in the fall, the collective basketball world waits in great anticipation. It's the only thing they're talking about in Cleveland and probably one of theLeBron James Free Agency Odds top sports items in a variety of cities, including New York, Chicago and Miami. While it's widely acknowledged that the Cavaliers have the inside track right now, it's anyone's guess as to what the King will do.

The latest has Lebron now leaning towards joining the Heat, as it is now official, Chris Bosh is joining Dwayne Wade in Miami. That rules out James teaming up with the two in Chicago. But remember, James did meet with the Knicks a second time to clear up some misinformation. Now, a guy merely entertaining a team doesn't meet with them a second time.  We have no choice but to consider the Heat a major player again, as perhaps James would want to join them in South Beach. LeBron is expected to announce his team choice this Thursday at 9pm EST.  

Providing daily coverage on the hot sports news story, the Cleveland Plain Dealer is currently featuring SBR Forum basketball prop odds that predict where James will be going. Check back here to see the ongoing adjusted odds on where LeBron will go this offseason. Here are the updated odds. 

Who will LeBron James sign with for the 2010-2011 season? (odds updated as of July 8, 2010)

+500 (or 5 to 1)

-150 (or 2 to 3)
+1700 (or 17 to 1)

+150 (or 3 to 2) 

+500 (or 5 to 1)

+900 (or 9 to 1)

The Cavaliers have the edge at the moment, but don't discount the bright lights of New York City or the influence of Jay-Z to lure LeBron to the Nets. But the bottom line is that the current buzz surrounds South Beach so that keeps Miami in play. Meanwhile, Chicago still has the best nucleus for James, so we believe they are still in the picture, to some degree.

"The fact that the Knicks got a second meeting with LeBron is a mild surprise. We now see the Bosh/Wade/James to Miami reports and believe it is a destination that's gathering steam. That said, it's clear his heart is in Cleveland," declares Steve Ricci, SBR Oddsmaker. "The Nets haven't been in the rumor mill for any other player besides LeBron and we just don't think their supporting cast is contender-ready. We also believe LeBron would never play for the Clippers and remain in Kobe's shadow." 

Ricci also believes the Bulls still have a fighting chance because of their new defensive coach. However, with the most money on the table in Cleveland and with LeBron not leaving the state when he met with each prospective team, we still believe the Cavs have the inside track. 

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