We have to thank both Sebastian Vettel, who won in Brazil and Fernando Alonso who failed to finish high enough at the penultimate race.

It’s a “fantastic four” that now have a chance of lifting the title, after Jensen Button’s (mathematical) chances ended with his fifth place in Brazil???.

And it’s Alonso who is the sportsbooks´ bright eyed boy at 10/11 with Paddy Power.

Brazil was another great finish for Red Bull who recorded their eighth win and their fourth one-two placemen of the season.

And there’s just 24 points between top spot Alonson and fourth place Hamilton.

There’s a raft of possible permutations and “who-will-win-if-who-does- what”, but first things first the drivers have to qualify and get the best possible start for the final race!

Mark Webber is now eight points behind the leader, Fernando Alonso and is 11/4 with Paddy Power to pick up the fastest lap in the qualifier.

McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton finished fourth and realistically ended his chances of winning the title this year (he is now 24 points behind Alonso so would have to win on Sunday and have the top three fail to finish).  That’s why he’s the outside bet at 50/1 with Paddy Power.


Lewis either wasn’t singing from the McLaren hymn sheet, or just talking plain sense (depending on your opinion) when he said, "We weren't quick enough here and we won't be quick enough in Abu Dhabi?. But I'll keep trying; we have nothing to lose now."

There is one already decided result in Formula One; Red Bull comfortably took their first world championship – the Constructors' title.

Well done Red Bull.

But now they have a chance (actually two) in Webber and Vettel, to take the Drivers’ Championship too.

The big story, as we head towards Abu Dhabi, is will Red Bull do Ferrari a favour…. Because if Alonso does take the title in Abu Dhabi he will owe a measure of thanks to Red Bull and their refusal to favour Mark Webber, who is still seven points ahead of Vettel.

A less moral team might have had Vettel roll over and let Webber through to take the points and spanner Alonso’s title hopes (at the cost of an insignificant Formula One fine), but not Red Bull.

Well done Red Bull (again)!

Webber came right out and said it after the Brazilian race "The team is going for the position it has always done on the sporting side and that is how it is which happened in the past and will happen in the future”. A reference to where Felipe Massa was asked (in code) to move aside for the benefit of Alonso.

Hats off to Red Bull for being sporting, and perhaps there are some who will be sniggering behind their hands. It is truly chivalrous strategy, but possibly an unprofitable one and they could gift the championship to Alonso and Ferrari.

Button supports Red Bull's decision not to favour Webber, "I like the way Red Bull let their drivers fight," he said. "That's the way it should be. If you still have a chance of winning the world championship, you should be given equal opportunities and it is good to see that they have that."

Elsewhere keep an eye on Nico Hülkenberg, the rookie who won pole in the Brazilian Qualifier, he made nothing of it in the race proper but, if he does in Dhabi what he did in Brazil, you get a great return on your money.

There are still four drivers who can win this title, but it is really between Red Bull and Ferrari now.

The Red Bulls of Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel have won 14 pole positions in 17 rounds and no other team can match the seven victories they share.

But Ferrari is still looking like the name to be etched on the driver’s cup!

Free Formula One Prediction: Vettel will be on pole.